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Saturday night, I attended a “big three monotheisms” gathering, led by and for Muslims. Among their prayers, was a funeral in absentia for the Christchurch victims. One Jewish guy said to a Muslim woman, “I’m sorry we have to keep meeting under these circumstances.”

The Christians in attendance were, as far as I could tell, protestant mainliners. One was a stoll wearing baptist. Another a Methodist. The others, Episcopalians.  I point this out because “mourn with those who mourn” and “love your neighbor as yourself” is what Christianity is supposed to look like.

It’s not, for instance, supposed to look like this lone weirdo on Hollywood Blvd.


Right-wing xenophobic terrorists -yes, terrorists– have aimed their rhetoric and weapons at anything and anyone who is not their own reflection. Yet many United States Christians consider themselves ‘safe’ because they speak English natively, are mostly white, and have plenty of cultural, social, and political capital.

Theologically, they believe that Christianity is primarily about getting to heaven when you die, while waiting for God to whisk you off the planet. (I.e. that deeply mistaken dogma known as ‘dispensational premillennialism’), oh “sin” is mostly about sex, media consumption, drug use (legal or otherwise), and other purity concerns, nearly excluding any others.

Politically, they have allied themselves with conservatism since at least the 80s. In the worst cases, they have declared “caeser is lord”, and joined the cult known as the Religious Right. (I’m looking at you, Jerry Falwell jr, David Barton, Robert Jeffress etc) They frequently do not consider moral or spiritual matters in doing so.


Bow to Nebuchadnezzar or the socialists win.

In doing so, they enable (but do not cause) right-wing xenophobes through apathy and support for public figures who refuse to address xenophobic violence. (To say nothing of overt illiberalism, but that’s another subject). This enabling is as much a consequence of theology as it is of politics.

Therefore, to any Christians ‘lukewarm’ on the Christchurch mosque shooting, we are not safe either. A xenophobe has already assailed one of our houses of worship (Charleston, 2015). We can expect the xenophobes to treat us no better than the fascists treated Bonhoeffer.

Even if we are safe, our neighbors are not. “But who is my neighbor?” Vulnerable people who do not share our cultural and political capital… including Muslims. Note well, there are commandments beyond purity.

After all, Muslims stood up for Christians in Egypt back in 2011. One of our holiest sites (Church of the Holy Sepulchre) has been under the care of the same Muslim family for centuries.

Apathy only enables. So for Christ’s sake -literally- join with the rest of Christianity and resist right-wing, xenophobic, terrorists.


Coptic Christians and Muslims together in Tahrir Square, Cairo in 2011

And to the caeser-worshipping members of the Religious Right, only one thing remains to be said.

“Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”



Today, I share with you, my NaNoWriMo loglines.  These are my loglines for my story, which will be beaten out over the next few weeks in time for a 50k word novel.

Because I really want to finish a novel, not just hit 50k words this time.

Thanks Blake Synder.

I don’t know which to go with quite yet, so here I am crowdsourcing.

To be clear, all of these stories will take place in the Forgotten realms Campaign setting.  It will be very Dungeons and Dragons style.  Here are the log lines I’ve done.

“While sorting through Ancient ruins, a treasure hunter is struck by a geas, and placed on a quest.” – No Title #1

“A pious ascetic receives a ring of wishes from a dying thief.” -The Vice

“An adventuring aristocrat illicits the help of a former slave trader to solve mysterious disappearances in Waterdeep.” -Ghosts of Skullport

“After a violent ambush, a dangerous artifact of a dead god lands in the hands of a penitent bandit.” -No Title #2

“An out of luck, and out of coin, adventurer is tricked into disrupting a high-born Waterdeep marriage through an elaborate and magical kidnapping.” -No Title #3

“While investigating blight on farmland, an idealistic adventurer rescues a male-drow slave only to draw more ire from deep dwelling drow and even the surrounding surface dwellers.” -The Companion


Which story is the best?


Today, NPR reported that Pope Francis Called for a day of prayer regarding Syria.  The question is, what how we would pray today?  The issues concerning American imperialism, sympathy for Syrian Christians, and of course peace all came to mind.

The Book of Common Prayer proves helpful:

Collect 14: Unity of the Church

Almighty Father, whose blessed Son before his passion prayed for his disciples that they might be one, as you and he are one:  Grant that your Church, being bound together in love and obedience to you, may be united in one body by the on Spirit, that the world may believe in him whom you have sent, your Son Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you, in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, now and forever.  Amen.

Collect 17: For the Nation

Lord God Almighty, you have made all the peoples of the earth your glory, to serve you in freedom and in peace: Give to the people of our country a zeal for justice and the strength of forbearance, that we may use our liberty in accordance with your gracious will; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Collect 18: For Peace

Almighty, God, kind, we pray, in every heart the true love of peace, and guide with your wisdom those who take counsel for the nations of the earth, that in tranquility your dominion may increase until the earth is filled with the knowledge of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever Amen.


It smelled funny on this floor.  It didn’t smell like a gym or anything else quite that bad, but it just smelled funny.  There was a constant sound of explosions, tire screeching, and magical spells emanating behind each door.  There was also the sound of mostly tuned guitar.  Every once in awhile, one of the guys would poke their head out the door and almost make eye contact as she walked by.

Pascal never really expected that she would be at college and have to go on complete complicated mission to find a clove cigarette.  This did seem to be the situation she found herself in.  She could remember signing the campus mission statement.  I still felt fascist to her.  However, compared to other offers this campus was still a bastion of progressives.

Here, at this campus, not only could she walk into the boys dormitory floor, but she could even walk with one down the street.

Pascal found the right door.  She looked both ways for crooked-hat-tight-shirt-small-brain RA that she’d been warned about.  She knocked on the door.

“It’s open, come in!”

Pascal opened the door.  One bed was carefully made and the other a rumpled mess of sheets and clean clothes freshly tossed from a laundry basket.  On a comfy orange chair sat a guy with curly brown hair, light skin, who wore black shirt with a Soundgarden logo on it.

“Hey Andy,” she said.

“Hey Pascal,” he said, “You’re here for what I think you’re here for?”

Pascal produced a twenty dollar bill from her wallet.

“Thanks,” Andy said as he took the cash.  He unlocked his desk drawer and pulled out an entire carton.  He picked out a package of Clove menthols and handed it to Pascal.  She opened it up and inhaled the flavorful aroma.

“You do not want to know the kind degenerates I had to deal with to get that carton,” he said jovially.

“Oh do tell Andy!” Pascal smiled, “Hell you want be bad Christians and blaze it on the sidewalk with me?”

Moments letter Pascal crossed the mystical wall between the campus and the surounding streets.  As they were officially off campus, they both burnt their cloves and smoked with kind of flaunted liberation.

“So…” Pascal said, “she lives on campus, but dates that dude at the liquor store?”

“Used too apparently,” said Andy, “I don’t know what her deal is.  She’s 21 and taking three units here.”

Pascal’s face contorted.  The thought gave her more revulsion than the scent of the boys’ floor.

“That’s not even part time!  How’d she get that sweet gig?”

“You know I’m not sure,” he said, “I heard this from a girl who lives down the hall from her?  Her uncle’s loaded and works for the campus.  Managing scholarships or something?  I don’t know.”


Andy exhaled stream of smoke.

“Yeah, you’re telling me.”

Pascal looked held her palm to her face in disbelief.

“Some families have to pay for this shit,” she said.

“Apparently, we have to pay for the degenerates too.”

Rohald the miller, as he had come to be known, knew that he was the appointed herald of Oskus the seer.  That it is why he, who had been blessed with tracts of open farmland at his humble estate would be the one to bring the message of coming destruction to Mons Istelle.  Here inside his barn, on top of his simple wagon, Rohald looked down at the crowd below.

“The Dragons walk among us!” Rohald said.  He looked down on the the thirty or so followers, “and we here, are the true followers of Oskus.”

There were murmurs of confident assent through the crowd.  The all looked up at him.

“But there are those who do not understand the truth of Oskus!”  He continued, “there are those in the city who have lived to long believing lies, and taking Oskus for their own!”

“The corrupted orders!” cried a congregant.

“Yes!” Said Rohald as he pointed to the congregant, “it is they who do not know the coming judgment on this city.  As the Oskus said, ‘I proclaim on this very city that the dragons will arise and it shall never be have life in it again!’ Do you see what that means?  Not a plant, not a mouse, not a single insect will live in Mons Istelle after the destruction.”

Wide-eyed gasps and shivers floated through the crowd.

“The corrupted orders who have so long known been blinded to the truth oppose us,” he said, “but we must never stop preaching!  The more we are opposed, the greater our mission!”

An owl perched in the rafters listened to the impassioned exhortations from the strange man on top of the cart.  His breaches wear finely threaded and his boots were made of soft calve skin.  They look comfortable to the owl.  Far more comfortable than some of the rougher hide slippers worn by the masses.  The owl noted the arm bands that each person in the crowd wore.  They had a tarnished white look to them, almost as if they were bandages.  On each of them was something a yellow symbol.  It looked much like horseshoe hanging in an arch.  In the center of the horse shoe arch there was simple arrow pointing up.  Was it meant to be gold?  A sun color?  The owl had trouble deciding exactly what the symbol meant.

“So pray, therefore,” continued Rohald, “pray that all will know the truth.  Soon we will escape the city before the coming of the 10,000 storms!”

It was here that the owl had heard enough.  It flapped its wings and flew unnoticed out of the barn.

Deep within Elvish quarter the owl found its home.  It perched on the window and hooted.  An smiling elf walked to the open window.  His silk robe trailed behind him.

“Arcturo,” he said, “You are ready now?  I may turn you back into human now?

Roughly sanded wood decorated the buttressed the walls of the Uber Bean Cafe.  Juan-Paulo, affixed an graphic portrait of the Silver Surfer on the wall.  Patrons lined up and conversed all around.  A curly-haired young guy with glasses and a messenger bag headed towards the door, with a casual wave to two friends still at a earth-toned table.

Mark Collins looked down.  He stared into the black steaming abyss of his coffee mug.  He could feel Ian’s oblivious indifference and pondered his friend’s parting phrase: Everything Changes, Nothing remains.  There was little encouragement in those objective words.  Collins sat there and felt the heavy facts of his situation.

Megatech computers: Pasadena  announced it was shutting it doors for good in exactly five weeks.  The Santa Clarita location had two weeks to liquidate its inventory.  The Anaheim location had already shut down.

“We’re both up a shit creek without a paddle aren’t we, Guyer?”

Guyer, that is Mark Guyer, forced himself to look up.  He took a sip of a fluffy cappuccino.  A forced smile spoke a tacit assent.

“Shit creek,” repeated Mark Collins, “We’re never going to find another job.  I’m going to wind up working at a fast food restaurant.”

Guyer exhaled.

“No,” said Guyer, “No, no no!”

“No what?”

“No whining!”  Said Guyer, “Whining is not allowed now.  Delete the whining.”

“I’m not whining!” cried Collins.

“Yes,” said Guyer, “Yes you are.  You’re bitchin about it.  Bitchin’ about it isn’t going to do anything.”

Collins bit his lip like a sulking puppy.

“I mean, we’re at least going to get unemployment,”  mused Guyer.  He needed to convince himself too, “I plan to ride that out for a bit.”

“But you always said that if you can’t have a job…” Collins said.

“I know what I’ve always said,” Guyer cut him off.

Collins returned to his coffee staring.  Mark Guyer rapped his fingers on the table.  He was about to land on a social safety net, but he be damned if he asked for welfare.

“You remember when my dad said that every ending is actually an opportunity,” said Guyer speaking to himself as much to his friend, “He told us both that during that time Tamara turned you down at that winter formal?”

“…but we don’t do anything besides tech!” moaned Mark Collins, “it is the only thing we’ve done since we were seventeen!  I’m going to have to get another certification, or go to that phoenix school or…”

“Hey dude!  Want to come that party?” Guyer said interrupting him.


“The party that Andy’s invited us to?  The one that he’s playing at?  That party?”

Mark Collins thought on this.  He could see in his mind’s eye a time as wallflower surrounded by smart people.  Smart people who were in the college like they were supposed to be.  He could see himself looking at people talking about football games, their mutual classes, the life in the dormitories, and all that other stuff.  All he could talk about was how awesome he was at a job that was about to disappear.

“I wanna play WoW tonight,” said Mark Collins.

“Dude, there’s no raid tonight.  What the hell are you going to do, grind an alt?”

This will be the third and final post on the alignments of Game of Thrones characters.  This time, we’re doing the chaotic.  Let’s get going, shall we?

"Precious moments doll?" Call me that again... one more time!!"

Arya Stark is a bit more complicated than her tom-boy introduction shows.  Don’t forget, she’s a noble’s daughter and she knows it, which is why it is unexpected that she would cheerfully play stick fighting with a butcher’s son.  Furthermore, she heroically (and violently) defends said butcher boy against the fucking prince without so much of thought.  She does not understand court decorum and throws a hair pulling fit when she sees her sister lie about the whole affair.  Neither does she understand women’s role in her society and certainly doesn’t understand her older sister’s betrothal to that filthy bastard Joffrey.

Where do we last see Arya?  Well, she’s running off in disguise with nothing but a sword.  She’s among vagabonds, miscreants, and thieves.  Also, her last memory of her father was a forced confession and beheading -right as the living symbol of law or order watched with smug approval.  If all this isn’t a recipe for Chaotic Good, I don’t know what is.

Who stole my tarts?

People mistakenly refer to this character as Joffrey Lannister.  But, his legal father was King Robert Baratheon.  So this prince’s legal name is Joffrey the Incest-spawned-Bastard.  We all love the time that Joffrey the ISB got bitched slapped by Tyrion, but don’t forget why.  Joffrey, unlike his mother, lacks political shrewdness and does not care for court decorum.  Sympathetic (even faked) face time before the Starks would’ve earned him political capital.  He is abject bully, which is demonstrated by his delight in tormenting a random butcher’s son for no reason on King’s Road.  When Joffrey the ISB becomes king he rules with capriciousness and unrestrained cruelty.  It even surprises his mother.  A good king knows when to withhold his strength and when to kill your enemies.  Well, Joffrey, after you’ve made a promise is not the time to kill your enemies.  You also do not kill them if they’re your bargaining chip.  This is why killing Eddard Stark was both openly evil, but also nakedly chaotic.  This little bitch is unhinged, and is probably going to go down like Caligula.  What was that our Lawful Evil character, Tywin, called the result of Joffrey’s execution order?  That’s right: madness and stupidity.

Dare I say it? A tougher beard than Church Norris.

Many people would name Kahl Drogo, the barbaric hero of female-orientated literary porn, as true neutral.  I’ve decided chaotic neutral for a few reasons.

First, Kahl Drogo could care less about keeping promises.  I’ve only watched the series, but it didn’t seem like he was ever going to keep his deal with Viserys, and is quite happy to shaft him.  Also, the guy is pretty unpredictable.  When it came to his future, it only took him two episodes to go from “a king [his future son] needs no chair but a saddle” to hyperbolic, declaration of how he will invade the seven kingdoms, tear down their castles, eat their babies, and skull-fuck their old men.  Whatever this guy does, he does it 110%, but we’re never going to be sure what he’ll do.  Kahl Drogo takes slaves. He burns cities for personal fitness, and then he eats Sunday brunch.  Clearly, he’s not good aligned.  But he also lacks the callous self-serving streak that mark Queen Cersei and Lord Baelish.

Secondly, there’s a lot to be said about Dothraki.  Basically, calling them a dark-age band of warriors is actually a generous term.  The Dothraki operate like a force of nature, or a pack of carnivorous animals following the strongest alpha.   They have a system of authoritative traditions, but “Dothraki Lawyer” is like saying “effeminate football star.”  Whoever holds power in the Dothraki world does so as long as no-one else kicks their ass in a fight.  They might accept tribute from a city, or burn it to the ground.  There is no judicial system or formalized rite of succession.  The entire society strikes me as chaotic neutral and that’s why Kahl Drogo is here.

This is the last in the thread and I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it.  If any of you out there are more familiar with books.  To comment here.  Here’s the characters I never put here for their alignments. King Robert, Queen Cersei, Jaime Lannister, Lord Varys, Viserys Targaryen,Sir Jorem Mormont etc.

Feel free to add in the comments.

The next blog, will be back to politics and end-times.  Thanks for reading, and if you like it, than re-post it.

This thread continues my break from theology into fandom to write something fun.  By the way, we all know that the next season is coming up right?

Please see the previous post for an explanation on to “what the hell is going on here” because I’m jumping straight into it.

Assertive? Oh no... that involves balls. Only princes have any balls.

The true neutral alignment is often reserved for non-moral animals, zombies, and rocks.  Our winning piece of dead weight then, is Sansa Stark.  Now some might protest here than Tyrion is great example of True Neutral as is Lord Varys.  There’s an argument to made for both, but I feel that these characters are not so much True Neutral, as very good at keeping their motivations opaque.

Sansa wears her motivations on her sleeves so strongly that they could de-thread: she wants to be treated like a princess and kind of just rolls along with whatever will carry her to that goal.  Her silence during the King’s road wolf incident and her snotty tone towards her caretaker might give you the impression that she’s actually the one evil stark, but that seems counter-balanced that the former is simply inaction and the second is just brattiness.  I don’t  know if Sansa even thinks in terms of good or bad but just seems even power.  She just wants to be liked and pampered.

In the final episode, we start to see Sansa assert herself a bit before Joffrey.  Maybe the brutal execution of her father is causes Sansa to have the first moral feeling she’s ever had.  She even has the guts to look stoic-faced at her father’s head on a pike.  Maybe she’ll pull up her big girl panties, read some Virgina Woolfe, and slap Joffrey back next season.

Until then, she’s just boring old true neutral.

What's in it for me?

You nearly admire this a-moral, cunning little-mother-finger, Lord Baelish who hand-wrote “Neutral Evil for Dummies” on parchment.  He wears his clothes like a stiff piece of armor made from the lies, plots, and anonymous henchmen that all somehow give him a lot more power than you suspect he has.  I think this guy figured out that the true King is whoever sit on the throne long enough and is thus happy to swear fealty as long as keeps things going his way.  You don’t really see overturning laws, customs, or torturing people for fun -as chaotic evil character do- because Lord Baelish knows a potential political asset when he sees one.  Lord Baelish might torture someone for a bit, and then he’d somehow get the victim in his pocket and become his spy.

If I had the misfortune of having to work with someone like Lord Baelish, I’d know I’m only allowed to tell him “no” three consecutive times.  You don’t ever want to become his toxic asset.

Am I right Lord Stark?

I know where to stick it, Sam..... In King Joffrey's throat.

The bastard Jon Snow behaves with arrogance, pride and even  a bit of self-absorption at times.  It’s really amazing that G.R.R. Martin can write a Neutral Good character who acts this way.

Most of Jon Snow’s character comes out during his time on the wall.  His defense and friendship with Sam and his passion for his half-siblings, the Starks, reveal the goodness in his values.  He’s got no problem take a few scars for the people he loves.  Jon is not chaotic: you don’t keep your head down around nobility or take monastic vows if you’re modus operandi is choatic.  Still though, Jon Snow bucks at authority and as a bastard he has no chance to use the Law for good.

Jon Snow’s principle conflict isn’t between an urge to be rebel and desire to be quasi-knight.  That’s not what motivates his midnight ride to join Rob Stark’s war.  His conflict is about who is family truely is.  Ultimately, Jon Snow decides that his family is the men of the night’s watch.  His war is the quest to find his living uncle rather than avenge his murdered father.

My blogs have been a little heavy, controversial, and otherwise overly serious the last few posts.  That can be a bad thing.  As a breather for myself, and for readers, the next few posts will be dedicated to Game of Thrones… which I realize is not exactly a light-hearted series as I sit here and type this.  Nonetheless, what I write here will not denounce any sacred cows -unless some new religion has sprouted from this series.  That hasn’t happened right?

Hopefully, other fans of the series will share their thoughts on the character’s alignments here.

So, to show my high school geek stripes, let’s discuss the alignments of the Game of Thrones cast.  You know Lawful Good, Neutral Evil, True Neutral etc.  This will be divided up into three blogs by the modus operandi of the characters, I.e. Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic.

Oh… and just so I’m clear this is pre-4.o alignments.  The 4.0 continuum is far to one dimensional.

If you have never heard of alignments before, please check out this article here.

Without further ado, here is my first.

I'm Lawful Good, so Lawful Good it hurts...

If alignments have Platonic forms, than we’ve found an incarnation in Eddard Stark.  Professor X and Aragorn wish they were as noble as Eddard.  And speaking Platonism, one of his most Lawful Good traits is his reluctance to take up political power and his slow acquiesce to do so.  Many Machiavellian minded readers might think that Eddard is a naive or lacks will i.e. he sees what’s effective, but is too good and honorable to execute.  I disagree: Eddard sincerely believes that doing the good thing is the effective thing.  How else do you explain his willingness to stand-up against his best friend, and the his’s advisers over the issue of assassination plans against Daenerys Targaryen?

Even when Law and Goodness seem to be in conflict, Eddard tries to keep both intact.  During the wolf incident along King’s Road, Eddard reluctantly carries out the execution of his daughter’s dire wolf -by the Queen’s order- but he does it the most good an honorable way.  He even tries (vainly) to make it up to his daughter later.

And we all know the end point Stark’s goodness and duty lead him.  The point at the end of pike.  So Lawful Good.  So lawful good it hurts.

By the way, all of you table-top RPG kiddies who aren’t quite sure how to play Paladin?  Just ask yourself one question: What would Eddard do?

I'll run you through.... after throwing a fit.

I considered King Robert for my Lawful Neutral -and I still fee like he is- but I chose the relatively minor character Sir Barrister Selmy.  Let’s work backwards.  What offended Sir Barrister?  Was it suddenly being on the same side as his former opponent, Eddard Stark?  No, they had a nice and pleasant conversation.  How about working for a King who some feel decry as usurper?  Doesn’t bother sir Barrister one bit.  What about the next coup, when the queen -with transparently vile opportunism- overrides King Robert’s dying wish?  A little, but not much.

The only time Sir Barrister raised a fuss was when he was dismissed from his duty, and I might’ve cried for the guy.  He’s upset because he can no longer serve.  Who is king and what their values doesn’t really seem to register for poor sir Barrister.  He simply wants to do his dutiful role for the realm.

You only *think* you got me cornered.

Blend together Lucuis Malfoy, Scrooge, and Michael Corleone and you have Tywin Lannister.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Lawful Evil character written this well, and they are hard to write.  Tywin isn’t just some angry, bitter, verbally abusive old man -(and there is more than one in Game of Thrones).  He’s puppet stringing master mind who could have you killed as easily as he wipes his ass with gold-foil.

Tywin Lannister is like a mafia don who has spent years and years getting everyone in his pocket until he is completely untouchable.  Even King Robert admits that he can’t move against this guy or his family.  In the monologue before his son Jaime, Tywin explains that Lions need not fear sheep and their house -the Lannisters- is a house to be feared.  It sounds like the worst parts Neitzche and Machiavelli put together.  Furthermore, there’s no way he qualifies as Neutral or Chaotic Evil.  Tywin, as the head of the powerful noble house, is far too invested in the system to disregard it even if it wasn’t working for him.  And just look at that guy!  Do you want to cross him?

Arguably, Tywin has not done anything heinously evil, but he is very concerned with Lannister name.    When Tywin reprimanded Jaime for his fight with Eddard, it was a reprimand for not killing Eddard.  Do you think that Tywin was ignorant of Cersai’s plots against John Aron, or the letting loose of “the Mountain” on peasant villages?  Hard to imagine him not keeping close tabs on his adult children.  Thus, I don’t think the apples fell far from the tree.  He is guilty -at the very least- by complicity.

For the next blogs, I’ll write the Neutral Good, True Neutral, and Neutral Evil characters.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

So it has been a bit since I posted about the next NaNoWriMo. Was for people who were thinking about NaNoWriMo and were hesitating. This blog is for the same people. Truth is, finishing a 50k word novel is not as difficult as it may sound. It only takes some steps to make sure you stay motivated and find time. This worked for me last year and it has also worked for a few other people, at least those who I have talked to.

Stop doing something.  This is probably something that only takes a little bit of discipline, yet it is surprisingly ignored.  Find something that you commit a lot of time to, and make rule for yourself that says, “No” to that activity for a solid month.  Don’t leave yourself any wiggle-room to rationalize doing this activity during November.  Simply say no.

For me, it is probably going to be facebook and quite possibly netflix too.  The idea of this rule is to free up time to write.  You only have so many hours in day, so use them wisely.

Schedule a time to write. You are already used to scheduling.  If you know what time your favorite TV show comes on, and how long it lasts, than you already have a schedule.  All you need to do now is set up time slot in your calendar for two hours, ninety minutes or however long, and dedicate that time to writing.  I recommend using a timer so that you are not constantly distracted by the clock.  Also, be sure to set yourself reminders in wall calendar or an electronic calendar to remind yourself.  My iPhone goes “beep beep beep” 30 minutes before my writing time.

Start Strong REALLY strong.  Never settle for 1667 words during your first few days.  Aim for twice that or even three times that in a day during the first week.  Staying ahead of the quota will keep you on top of waves and prevent the frantic “drowning” feeling that you will get if you start falling below the quota.  Besides, when you start so strong, what excuse do you have not to finish?  You’ll be more motivated later.  I promise.

Reward yourself, with little rewards.  How do you get a monkey to ride a skateboard?  You give you bits of mango the more comfortable he gets with the skateboard.  So after you hit your 4,000 word quota for the day, give yourself reward.  It can be anything from watching a movie, going for ice-cream, move your body like a cyclone… whatever.  The rewards need not big things.  Just things or activities that make you happy.  For instance, now that I have finally finished this little blog (as well as some other writing I intended to do today) I get to get some nice Hazelnut Coffee.

Thanks for reading.