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A co-worker at my job passed his CCNA to celebrate, we went out to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and eventually the strange and fun club that is Rose Rabbit Lie.

My evening started with my first video poker experience at the Cosmopolitan Casino bar. For those of you who don’t know what video poker is, it is kind of like an arcade game. For those of who don’t know what an arcade is, google it or watch TRON. The game is simple: you slip in a twenty dollar bill to the arcade game console, and then an intense graphical display worthy of Windows 95 pops up. Cards come up with numbers on them, and then you press buttons. These cards are important because you get more credits, or less credits, based on nothing other than probability. The people I was with were visibly excited about the cards. This was the game I played -not exactly something to go to Blizzcon for. I will never fully understand gambling, but I do understand getting a thirteen dollar drink for the price of money lost to video poker.

After our first round of drinks, we headed down the doors of Rose Rabbit Lie. Naturally, we went there because we had a hook up. Too bad our hook up was not there. Neither did our hook up leave a note. We all looked to the member of our party who was connected to the hook up, but whose promise was beginning to evaporate like the ice droplets off of our glasses. Thankfully, the door man let us in as he made a few calls.  Lesson learned? It might be possible to social hack one’s way into Rose Rabbit Lie on a Thursday night.

Rose Rabbit Lie itself could best summed up as a mash of up Lewis Carrol, Tim Burton, and your musical theater friends from school.  The performances included a Piff the Magic Dragon, a beat boxer, twin tap dancers, a whimsically creepy maid, and a fit acrobat  dancing inside a suspended, transparent sphere. My favorite part involved the Chihuahua and the cartoon cannon. It was Looney Toons came to life.


Come on, you knew both of them back when you performed “Footloose” for your home town.

The night ended with the dance floor opening up to a rotating (literally) platform of Djs including one dressed as a frog. A couple of the IT guys I was with started dancing. A group of bachlorettes joined the floor. The crowd full of urban professionals moved into the floor, drank a bit, and generally stopped acted their age. For instance, one of the bachlorettes crossed her arms and scowled like a disapproving minister’s wife. Also, the bouncers had to ask people to stop hurling the ping pong balls at each other.


Not to be confused with “splasher” who taught us all not to swim in canals.

It was about this time, that we realized we’d lost our friend who passed his CCNA.  We found him at the bar, mostly drunk, and loudly extolling the comfort of the chair he sat it.

And a comfy chair it was.

The next morning, we all arrived at work as normal. I drank the least and slept the latest. That means I win.


As many of you know, I moved to Las Vegas this last fall.  Many friends have asked about life in Vegas, especially since I took a facebook hiatus last month that will probably continue into this month of December.  Here are some FAQs about Las Vegas and my life in Las Vegas so far.

Win any Money?

Yes, I win money every weekday by going to work and doing my job.  Furthermore, I win money by the occasional royalties checks.  By the way, check out

No, I meant at the Casinos silly!

Although the Casinos are enticing places, I’m only half Filipino.  I never developed the critical skills of learning Mah Jong, Poker, or how to play slots flush money down a toilet.  Bi-racial people are double the minority.

charles2013Is that you dressed up as Neo?


Is that your boss dressed up as Morpheus?

No. That is the real Morpheus, on whom Laurence Fishburne’s legendary role was based.

Are you dating a stripper yet?

Yes.  Her name is Scarlet and she’s doing it get her way through nursing school.

Do you often joke about dating strippers?


What do you do for fun?

I went to a goth club, with my boots of baddassery, and danced in the tears of alienation to the dreary electronic vibe of Depeche Mode.  Other than that, I’m pretty much just writing, blogging, and playing games.

How many sociopaths did you fire this last month?

Exactly one.



Are you going to do something for your birthday?

Depends.  Are you coming to visit?