Putin, pictures, and Homoerotic log lines

Posted: 18/08/2013 in homosexuality, satire
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We all know that Russia in general and Putin in particular is not exactly leading the way in LGBT rights at this time in the world.  In response, the Colbert Report did a fun set of pictures on Putin.  They noted that the president is totally straight based on his shirtless hunting, shirtless fishing, and of course, his shirtless horseback riding.

Nothing could be more heterosexual.

It is too hard to resist coming up with log lines based on his photos.  So as an exercise in creativity (and perhaps immaturity), let’s begin spoofing one of scariest, most powerful men on planet earth:


After crash landing in the wilderness, a head-of-state and the leader of opposition party discover each other. –Rivals on the River


A wealthy dom seduces male submissives in a game that involves the wilderness, a head start, and tranquilizer darts. –The Most Dangerous Love


Vladimir Putin rides in the gay pride parade. –Vladimir Putin rides in the gay pride parade.

There you have it everyone.  Gay male erotica isn’t my genre, but it might be yours.  Feel free to run with any of these log lines in your own blog.

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