The World’s Greatest Log Lines!

Posted: 17/02/2013 in creativity, Movies
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With much thanks to sister’s boyfriend, I am now fully exposed to the strange world of commercial screen writing.  What is the first step to writing a script?  Write a log line.  Basically, the log line tells people what the movie is in about thirty seconds.  Apparently, you write this line before you write anything else about the story.

A good log line must have several ingredients.  It must have Irony.  It must tell the target audience.  It must inspire a mental image.  It must give an idea to the cost.  Script writers use this to sell their work.  Ever wondered why many Hollywood movies feel formulaic (Black Cop meets white cop movies, anyone?) yet somehow still sell millions?  Now you know why.  Here are some examples Log Lines that could become scripts someday.  Read through them and then add your own silly, but perhaps still profitable, Log Lines.

“After losing his job, agnostic Mark Guyer is forced to follow his peers to an Evangelical Christian college.” -Wise as a Serpent

“A Marine officer is sucked into a magical quest to rescued a mystical unicorn and a POW” -Operation Sparkle Hoof

“Former meth dealer escapes the FBI with identity among the old order Amish.” -Churning Crystal

“An ambitious journalist goes undercover into the world of Montata Militia Surivivalists” -Pressing Liberty

“After witnessing her roommates murder, a college sophomore escapes witness protection and joins a biker gang for revenge.” -The Pink Rider

“Daughter of vanquished vampire lord trash talks the vampire slayer on social networks for revenge.” -Tweet of the Damned

“An army ranger, a PETA activist, and a conspiracy theorist crash land in the wilderness and must survive.” -Shut up or Shiver

A good log line is ironic.  It communicates the target audience.  It gives a compelling mental picture.  It lets a producer know how much it will cost.

So why not try it?  What’s your Log Line?  Add some comments below.


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