NaNoWriMo: Get yourself a wordcount boost.

Posted: 23/11/2012 in NaNoWriMo
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As most of you know, I am a big fan of NaNoWriMo.  This year is no exception.

For this little blog, let me get straight to the point : we all know that noveling can make us cry.  In fact, that’s how most creative work is done.  At the end of the deadline while crying.  So for all my writing friends out there, who are perhaps falling behind, here is an excercise.  This idea is adapted from a week three technique found in Chris Baty’s No Plot no Problem (thanks again to Stephanie for getting me my copy).  I am happy to share this technique with all my readers, especially those whose name is Brandi.  I call this technique, word count power lifting.

What you need

In order to begin word count power lifting, you need about ninety minutes of free time.  It can be done on any weekday, or you can take some paid time off (it’s flu season after all.  We understand if you’re sick.  We wouldn’t want to you to call in sick, but then again, who are we to judge if you do?) from your work so that you can do this several times.

The second thing you need is someone to make sure you’re not interrupted.  This means somebody who can take care of your load of laundry.  Answer your phone if you get an urgent call, or even fend of the crazy makers who are demanding your time.

The next thing you need is a hammer so that you can smash your internet router so as to not be distracted by the internet.  If you do not have a hammer, you can simply turn your internet “off” on your laptop computer.

Finally, you need a timer of some sort.  Cell phones are pretty good for this kind of thing.

How you do it

Here are the easy steps for word count power lifting.

First Step, unlpug your internet and remove from you life anything that might distract you from writing.  Then, set your time for 40 minutes.  Place your time out of arms reach so that you cannot look at it.  Then, write until you hear the buzzer.  During this writing, you are not allowed to be interrupted by anything other than house on fire, and even then, it’s going to take a few minutes for the fire to spread anyway.  Once you hear the beeper, stop writing.  Take a quick moment to count how many words you wrote.

After that, set the timer for ten minutes.  During this time you are allowed to do anything.  You can do some wrist exercises.  You can get yourself a drink.  You can cry, complain, lie on the couch in a fetal position whatever.  You can do that until you hear the big beep from your timer again.  Then, take a look at how many words you wrote in 40 minutes.

Repeat the first step, but this time set your writing time timer for twenty minutes.  After that, check your word count again.  Now, you get to take another ten minutes to vent frustration and despair.

Do the first step one final time, but this time set your timer for ten minutes.

So what’s your word count for the day?  What will it be when you try this?

Whatever words it will be, you will find that it is a lot better than the words you had before.  If you enjoy the process, than that is what really counts.  Do this little exercise some day off because you will feel better for going for it, rather than giving up before the end of the month.

  1. Alana says:

    Great NaNo advice! And thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Maybe I’ll see you at the TGIO party this weekend?

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