Saguine about Star Wars

Posted: 08/11/2012 in Movies
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Let’s begin with a story shall we?

I can remember exactly where I was in summer of 2005. I braved LA traffic to arrive at a westwood theater and watch Star Wars Episode III. The actual title escapes me. Why I did I go? To laugh mostly.  To enjoy the camaraderie with my fellow APU students, and at least two full generations of Star Wars fans. At this point, the Star Wars fan zeitgeist was like a jilted lover. However, we had already gone through the sadness of betrayal, the seething anger, and the foolish desire to return.

No, at this point we were like the ex raising our heads high. It is the kind of ex that chuckles at the failures of the significant other who dumped you. Maybe they finally got fat. Maybe they got pregnant. Maybe their dating profile is so sad and desperate that you’re a bit glad that they never appreciated you.

That’s right. We paid for Episode III to laugh at it. Even if that laughter was a bit masochistic.

What I illustrate here is that there actually is entertainment value in the prequels.  It all depends on how you frame it.

So how are we actually going to react to the news that Disney is taking over Star Wars.

There’s already been quite a bit buzz about this since Lucas’s announcement.  We’re all not sure how to react to new Star Wars movies.  The Memes have exploded.  Here though is my personal reaction.

The first thing to remember is this: can Disney make Star Wars any worse?  Yes, I am being a bit tongue and cheek here, but the point the is serious.  Everything about the prequels was such a train wreck of plot holes, poor characters, lack of plot, adhd special effects that it has provided nothing but fodder for people like red letter media and countless other satire sites.  Disney can’t make it worse right?  Think about that question.

Another think to consider is what Disney has done in the last ten years.  How have you felt about Pixar and the Avengers?  Pixar hasn’t really failed.  We can remember the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie too.  That movie was the first successful pirate movie in decades.  Yes, that particular franchise went down hill quickly, yet despite that it still had its bright spots.  For instance, who was the scarier villian?  Was it this guy:

…Or this guy?

So can Disney improve on the story?  Can it give the fans final three movies that the fans deserve?  The answer depends on what “creative consultant” means.  If creative consultant means that George Lucas can have a hand in Star Wars, but never the final say it could work.  We know he is no writer without a proper editor.  So what we can hope for is that anything he suggests is never the final word as it was in Episode I.  Let’s hope that someone like this will be there to either keep Lucas in check.  If “creative consultant” means that Lucas is going to be drafting scripts again, than we’re in for three more plot and character nightmares.  Considering that Lucas does not want to face fan ire again, I somehow think he’s going to have a serious hand in this.

Personally, I think when we compare Lucas’ track record to Disney, we probably have a little reason to be cautiously optimistic.  We should probably actually be happy that creative direction of Star Wars is out of Lucas’ exclusive control.  We should probably recognize that Disney -despites its shameless comercial nature- knows how to tell a good story.  That’s why I am sanguine about star wars.

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