NaNoWriMo warm-up: The Uber Bean Returns?

Posted: 24/10/2012 in Uncategorized

Roughly sanded wood decorated the buttressed the walls of the Uber Bean Cafe.  Juan-Paulo, affixed an graphic portrait of the Silver Surfer on the wall.  Patrons lined up and conversed all around.  A curly-haired young guy with glasses and a messenger bag headed towards the door, with a casual wave to two friends still at a earth-toned table.

Mark Collins looked down.  He stared into the black steaming abyss of his coffee mug.  He could feel Ian’s oblivious indifference and pondered his friend’s parting phrase: Everything Changes, Nothing remains.  There was little encouragement in those objective words.  Collins sat there and felt the heavy facts of his situation.

Megatech computers: Pasadena  announced it was shutting it doors for good in exactly five weeks.  The Santa Clarita location had two weeks to liquidate its inventory.  The Anaheim location had already shut down.

“We’re both up a shit creek without a paddle aren’t we, Guyer?”

Guyer, that is Mark Guyer, forced himself to look up.  He took a sip of a fluffy cappuccino.  A forced smile spoke a tacit assent.

“Shit creek,” repeated Mark Collins, “We’re never going to find another job.  I’m going to wind up working at a fast food restaurant.”

Guyer exhaled.

“No,” said Guyer, “No, no no!”

“No what?”

“No whining!”  Said Guyer, “Whining is not allowed now.  Delete the whining.”

“I’m not whining!” cried Collins.

“Yes,” said Guyer, “Yes you are.  You’re bitchin about it.  Bitchin’ about it isn’t going to do anything.”

Collins bit his lip like a sulking puppy.

“I mean, we’re at least going to get unemployment,”  mused Guyer.  He needed to convince himself too, “I plan to ride that out for a bit.”

“But you always said that if you can’t have a job…” Collins said.

“I know what I’ve always said,” Guyer cut him off.

Collins returned to his coffee staring.  Mark Guyer rapped his fingers on the table.  He was about to land on a social safety net, but he be damned if he asked for welfare.

“You remember when my dad said that every ending is actually an opportunity,” said Guyer speaking to himself as much to his friend, “He told us both that during that time Tamara turned you down at that winter formal?”

“…but we don’t do anything besides tech!” moaned Mark Collins, “it is the only thing we’ve done since we were seventeen!  I’m going to have to get another certification, or go to that phoenix school or…”

“Hey dude!  Want to come that party?” Guyer said interrupting him.


“The party that Andy’s invited us to?  The one that he’s playing at?  That party?”

Mark Collins thought on this.  He could see in his mind’s eye a time as wallflower surrounded by smart people.  Smart people who were in the college like they were supposed to be.  He could see himself looking at people talking about football games, their mutual classes, the life in the dormitories, and all that other stuff.  All he could talk about was how awesome he was at a job that was about to disappear.

“I wanna play WoW tonight,” said Mark Collins.

“Dude, there’s no raid tonight.  What the hell are you going to do, grind an alt?”

  1. ZOMG THIS WAS SUCH A TEASE! I miss Uber Bean!!!

  2. Jaret Ornelas says:


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