Support an Independent Merchant.

Posted: 15/11/2011 in American Civic Religion
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We approach Christmas time.  Which means that many people will be sending out cards and gifts in the coming weeks.

My hope is that when people do so, that they do find the most inspired and truly spiritual cards that they can find.  Even if they have cards, they will still need stamps.  That’s not all that this about though.  Blogs like this are always about questions for readers.  Like these here:

Do you support the Occupy Wall Street Movement?  Are you concerned about the connection between money and politics?  Then support an independent merchant because that snubs corporate corruption.  It’s also easier than waving signs in cold weather.

Here’s another question.

Do you support the Tea Party Movement? Are you a fan of free markets, free enterprise, and freedom?  Then support an independent merchant because you’ll support a new economy and new innovation.

Here’s a last question.

Do you love Thomas Kincaide and Precious Moments dolls?  Well, I actually can’t help you there.  Let’s say that you’d like to try something new and something different than everyone else at your church this year.  Why not support an independent merchant and look at the stamps here instead?

What?  You don’t like Christmas cards?  You don’t need stamps?  That’s okay.  You still support an independent merchant by referring this post to friends.

Thanks in advance.  The main link to my store can be found below.

Thanks for your help this Christmas.  All proceeds go to my world vision kids.

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