More Steps to get NaNoWriMo done

Posted: 22/10/2011 in Uncategorized

So it has been a bit since I posted about the next NaNoWriMo. Was for people who were thinking about NaNoWriMo and were hesitating. This blog is for the same people. Truth is, finishing a 50k word novel is not as difficult as it may sound. It only takes some steps to make sure you stay motivated and find time. This worked for me last year and it has also worked for a few other people, at least those who I have talked to.

Stop doing something.  This is probably something that only takes a little bit of discipline, yet it is surprisingly ignored.  Find something that you commit a lot of time to, and make rule for yourself that says, “No” to that activity for a solid month.  Don’t leave yourself any wiggle-room to rationalize doing this activity during November.  Simply say no.

For me, it is probably going to be facebook and quite possibly netflix too.  The idea of this rule is to free up time to write.  You only have so many hours in day, so use them wisely.

Schedule a time to write. You are already used to scheduling.  If you know what time your favorite TV show comes on, and how long it lasts, than you already have a schedule.  All you need to do now is set up time slot in your calendar for two hours, ninety minutes or however long, and dedicate that time to writing.  I recommend using a timer so that you are not constantly distracted by the clock.  Also, be sure to set yourself reminders in wall calendar or an electronic calendar to remind yourself.  My iPhone goes “beep beep beep” 30 minutes before my writing time.

Start Strong REALLY strong.  Never settle for 1667 words during your first few days.  Aim for twice that or even three times that in a day during the first week.  Staying ahead of the quota will keep you on top of waves and prevent the frantic “drowning” feeling that you will get if you start falling below the quota.  Besides, when you start so strong, what excuse do you have not to finish?  You’ll be more motivated later.  I promise.

Reward yourself, with little rewards.  How do you get a monkey to ride a skateboard?  You give you bits of mango the more comfortable he gets with the skateboard.  So after you hit your 4,000 word quota for the day, give yourself reward.  It can be anything from watching a movie, going for ice-cream, move your body like a cyclone… whatever.  The rewards need not big things.  Just things or activities that make you happy.  For instance, now that I have finally finished this little blog (as well as some other writing I intended to do today) I get to get some nice Hazelnut Coffee.

Thanks for reading.


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