NaNoWriMo #4

Posted: 09/10/2011 in NaNoWriMo
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For each of these NaNoWriMo, warm-ups, I will be sharing something that I’ve thought about and written. Most of this is done by hand, and is part of a “morning page” process. What that means is that this is thoroughly uneditted. The roughest of the rough draft, and extremely raw, explosive creativity written on pages. Since I am not trying to pick out what is “good” in these, it is up to the readers of this blog to do so. The more input I get from readers, the better this year’s novel will be. So thank you in advance, for helping my crowd source this. I am not looking for what you think is bad or terrible. Chances are, I see that too. I’m looking for what you think is good, and interesting, and then I will do more of that. That said, here goes.

Another Fantasy Setting.

The rank circular room was lit only by the faint glow of a torch light.  The howling of a gagged half-elf echoed about the room.  Glowing, magical, chains bound him against the wall like insect in a cocoon.  He was some minor acolyte.  Mostly useless at magic, and of ironic importance.

Celise held a gauntlet against her guest’s forehead.  An yellow stone in it center glowed and and flickered like fire on his head.  Behind her stood Thanderson in thick red robes.  He leaned on his rod and let out a grin, barely supressed by wrinkles on his leathery skin.

Celise let up her gauntlet and pulled the elf’s hair back with her other hand.

“Oh… poor you,” she said, “I know this pain must be unbearable for you.  You must understand, this isn’t really my fault after all.”

She flipped back her black hood, allowing her dark brown hair, held back by a leathter strap tied around her forehead.

“You see… it is you clever friends.  They were so clever to suppress a memory….” she hissed as her mouth stretched to a triangular smile, “We really, really hate doing this, but I simply must have what you know.

The gauntlet fleshed with the half elf’s skull again.  She could not so much as see his mind but feel it.  Her hand was reaching into places, feelings, thoughts, days.  Such a tangled mess it was.  Like a blind snake in a labyrinth.

Thanderson thought and thought.  He tapped his fingers on his rod in a rhtymic fashion.

“Celise,” he said off-handedly, “it is possible that the memory was buried to deeply?  Perhaps it was altered entirely?  The poor bastard might really be only a hapless house-mutt.”

Celise turned.  She yanked off her gauntlet and held it out to Thanderson.  There was stone still glowed.

“You could always try yourself…”

Thanderson put up his hand firmly.  “You know my opinion on this method,” he said, “Somus Draught and extraction via dream divination is the surest way.  He would never know.  He would never talk.”

Celise turned back to the half-elf.  His head hung like limp dummy, but his chest heaved in an out against his restraints.

“You hear that, mutt?”  She said as she pulled up by his hair again.  “We could sleep you for days if we needed it… maybe we could give you dreams… more pleasant ones?”

She looked down at him.  His eyes locked with hers.  Was he pleading?  Thanderson couldn’t quite tell.  Celise slipped on the gauntlet again.

“Ahh you’d probably go mad afterwards anyway,” She said, “Those clever friends of yours…”

The stone glow again to its full strength.

“We’re very much in a hurry here.  It took us so long to find you… so I guess you have some fault too?  Either way I am going to ask you one more time….”

She slammed the her palm into his head with deliberate force.  The searing and the muffled howling resumed.


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