NaNoWriMo Warm-up #2

Posted: 05/10/2011 in NaNoWriMo
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For each of these NaNoWriMo, warm-ups, I will be sharing something that I’ve thought about and written.  Most of this is done by hand, and is part of a “morning page” process.  What that means is that this is thoroughly uneditted.  The roughest of the rough draft, and extremely raw, explosive creativity written on pages.

Since I am not trying to pick out what is “good” in these, it is up to the readers of this blog to do so.  The more input I get from readers, the better this year’s novel will be.  So thank you in advance, for helping my crowd source this.  I am not looking for what you think is bad or terrible.  Chances are, I see that too.  I’m looking for what you think is good, and interesting, and then I will do more of that.  That said, here goes.

Story with Characters from the Uber Bean, the same characters I wrote about last November.

The infectious thumping of the bass pounded into the air with a hypnotic carnality.  Across the speakers stood a bar which glowed a soft yellow and shed lights on an altar of liquor behind the bartenders whose large shoulders moved with an incredible grace as he poured drinks while accepting tithes of tips in his jar.  A shirtless, tatooed, DJ was hollering at the crowd.  Everyone was a a high-roller tonight.

Jenn perfect hair cut and her new blue and black dress stepped out from the mesh of bodies and made a clearing for herself.  She threw her arms up into air.  Two years of Polynesian dance lessons demanded expression, or at least use.  She moved her spine as if by an ocean current.  She cleared space for herself by turning in circles -always turning away from whoever was directly in front of her.  She closed her eyes and move her hips in tight, perfect, rhythm the pulse of bass drum.

Andy sat at the glowing bar clutching a rum and coke and made an idle stir in its ice.  Becca was next to him.  She took one turn at him then turn back to watch Jenn “move like a cyclone” as the music insisted.  Ian darted his eyes about the room, and eventually stared at the DJ’s set up of wires, and cables.  Andy turned around then clutched his hand around his knee and returned to his sip.

“What are you guys thinking?” said Becca with innocence.

“Socrates.” said Ian, which gathered a disbelieving glare from Andy.

“Whose idea was this?” said Andy, “That’s what I am thinking.”

“Oh don’t be grumpy gills!” said Becca who turned to the dance floor, “She’s having fun!”

“Me too!” piped Ian.  No one could tell if he was sincere, sarcastic, or saving face.

Becca crossed her arms and made a deliberate stare right at Andy.  She kept her eyes on him like laser beams.

“What?!” cried Andy.  He threw his hands up in a surrender.

“Go dance with her right now.”

“Not my venue!”

“Not your birthday!”

Jenn stepped up onto a small platform near one of the speakers.  The thumps of the bass drum faded back and bowed to chorus of dancing synths chords.  A second DJ sang through an auto-tune.  The feeling of performance infused.  She was wound up and moving faster with the music.  Ian looked at her.  Looked at Andy.  He new the answer.

“The categorical imperative compels you to dance!” Ian pronounced.

Andy hands slapped right against his face in utter dismay.

“Oh God, Ian, don’t start…”

“No no, you see the boyfriend by definition is someone who…”

“Okay!” Andy nearly shouted, “I’ll dance!”

Andy chugged the last half of his drink and fought back the gag against the cheap rum.  He slammed the glass against the bar while and shot up to his height.  The crowd of animated bodies blocked his way, but he pushed his way past and around with rude “excuse me’s.”   Jenn’s eyes widened with wonder when he came near.  She threw out her arms and yanked him up on the stage.  Andy nearly felt whiplash.  As soon as he was standing Jenn spun around and backed her entire body next to him.  Andy instinctively moved his hips in connection with her.  In a dance club that was not his venue, he felt like a rock star for the first time in a long time.


  1. Jaret says:

    I miss The Uberbean, haha

  2. Jin roh says:

    Thanks Jaret, that means a lot. I was enjoying trashy club music when writing that. Can you tell?

  3. Jaret says:

    There is something to be said about trashy club music. We have a dj that lives next door to us in Belize city and they shake the house with punta rock (kinda like Belizean dancehall) on the weekends. How’s the novel coming?

  4. Jin roh says:

    Wow. JVC folks really know how to kick it with the sinners. Trashy club music is totally my guilty pleasure.

    The novel is going well, but I opted for a fantasy setting this time. It is very, very, archetypal and I’m doing that on purpose.

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