NaNoWriMo Warm up #1.

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For each of these NaNoWriMo, warm-ups, I will be sharing something that I’ve thought about and written.  Most of this is done by hand, and is part of a “morning page” process.  What that means is that this is thoroughly uneditted.  The roughest of the rough draft, and extremely raw, explosive creativity written on pages.

Since I am not trying to pick out what is “good” in these, it is up to the readers of this blog to do so.  The more input I get from readers, the better this year’s novel will be.  So thank you in advance, for helping my crowd source this.  I am not looking for what you think is bad or terrible.  Chances are, I see that too.  I’m looking for what you think is good, and interesting, and then I will do more of that.  That said, here goes.

Story Setting Idea for a Fantasy Novel

The city of Mons Istelle is a prominent, Renaissance-era city state.  It sits near on the north side of deep gulf and is guarded under the shadow of a cliff known as “ballista-point” to the south.  Mons Istelle is the only city-state of many to have enough influence to be politically, economically and militarily united with its a neighboring city state to the east.  Mons Istelle thrives as it is southernmost point of a long trade highway, and its harbor brings in goods from the ocean, which are transported by land to neighboring cities.  The city also grew because of large acres of arable land.  Aqueducts, built by the miners and masons of the neighboring city-state, have also made the city thrive.

Mons Istelle is governed by a hereditary Monarch who governs with the approval of aristocratic senate which represents both Mons Istelle and its dependent neighbor.  The thriving merchant class, has much clout in the city.  Tribute to monarch, however, is still mandatory.  Aside from the senate, all other high ranking civic officials are appointed by the monarch.  Mons Istelle has a few noble houses and several more aristocratic ones.

Places of Interest

The PromenadeSince this city is a huge center for trade, a large promenade keeps goods moving from across the ocean and to into the land.

The Catacombs.  This ancient complex was originally a series of tunnels buried dug deep underground near the cliffs and hills south of the gulf.  Eventually, the surface became a loose network of mausoleums.  Both the tunnels and the mausoleums hold some of the oldest residents of the city.

Saint Vigil’s Hall.  Saint Vigil’s Hall is one of the last outposts of an order of Paladins who align themselves with no nation or city state.  Their main place of residence is an island citadel at a distant site from the coast.

University of Mons Istelle.  An ancient school of government and philosophy that has expanded to include a magic academy, seafaring, and engineering in addition to the basics of mathematics, literacy, and rhetoric.

  1. amberrosalie says:

    This sounds good! I’m intrigued by the Catacombs. 😀 I can’t wait to hear more. (:
    Amber. xx

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