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Posted: 30/07/2011 in Uncategorized
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I suddenly realize that it has been nearly two months since I have blogged.

Let that be evidence to how fun Korea has been the last few weeks.  Also, I have a job, a Kindle, and friends.

In one of the books I read recently, I learned that one of the best things to do become more creative is to go and do something that you haven’t done before.  My new thing is apparently going out to clubs.

Throughout my entire time through college, I went to a dance club probably exactly two times.  This is of course does not count swing dancing.  A” club” here is a genuine stereo-type of a club, with a DJ, dance music, drinks and other form of entertainment.  That really wasn’t my scene in undergraduate.  I was more of hipster kind of guy.  I choose wisely to drink expensive coffee while listening to independent folk musicians at downtown coffee shops.

They don’t have folk musicians in Korea.

Instead they have several hip-hop DJs.  One of whom is my co-worker.  With him, many educators and thus role-models of Korean children loaded up on a bus and headed for a beach town five hours away.  There, we weathered monsoon rains in order that we might get into various hip-hop venues and danced the night away.  Before hand, we met with several other people and spent the nights and afternoons in either clubs or bars.  The specifics of the night were such that they won’t be mentioned on the internet.

Personally, I really enjoyed the more raver/trance club that I went to with other teachers.  One of our teachers was leaving and felt that it was finally time to courageously cut loose.  A few of use danced with her on stage in front of the entire crowd.

Yes, one of them was me.

So it is rather late as I write this.  I am not actually sure why, but I have found myself enjoying the club atmosphere and look forward to the next event in Busan.

  1. James Shewey says:

    Why, o Why didn’t you go clubbing with Aaron Loomis, Nicole and I?

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