>A few Random Encounters in Korea

Posted: 26/12/2010 in Korea

>Wherein, let me share a few funny random encounters in Korea.

Korean Italian Man. I made it out to International Lutheran Church in Seoul. This church is located in the district of Itaewan, which is basically the big foreigner ghetto of Seoul. This is a very nice LCMS church, and amazingly, no one is afraid to sing there.

I met there a Korean man who worked for an architecture firm in Italy and had lived there for many years. He even writes travel books for Korean. I mentioned that my surname is “Gonzaga” and he thought that was really cool. For those of you who don’t know, the Gonzaga family was a noble family that competed with the Medicis until one ancestor over-spent himself.

The People’s Republic of the Salvation Army Outside of my apartment building in Sunae there was a really nice guy ringing the bell of the Salvation Army. He’s really cool, even though he looks like a commie.

There also has been lots of snow.

Old Korean Guy likes to talk I love riding the subway. I wish I spoke Korean so I could talk to more people. One day, though, a very enthusaistic old Korean guy started carrying on with me in English. He showed me pictures of himself running and all the work he used to do. He really happy to American. He was nicest, funniest, old man I’ve seen in a long time.

Birthday For my birthday, I went out to a foriegner bar near my apartment and drank with a bunch of friends. The liquor was actually pretty good and a lot cheaper than I expected. I managed to call my vodka and still only pay about six dollars USD for a White Russian. That was fun.

Now, I am off to get my first Korean Hair cut.

  1. Dan says:

    >I've had a similar experience happen to me on a train in Japan. Good times!

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