>The First Blog From Korea

Posted: 07/12/2010 in Uncategorized

>It has been over a month since I have blogged. This was due to NaNoWriMo which is now complete, though I am still finishing up the final chapter of my Novella.

Before saying anything else, I would like to say that I miss everyone. Yes, I have made lots of friends here. I am settling into my school nicely, but I miss everyone. I am still a bit sad that I washed out of LA, but that’s moot at this point.

I am in Korea now.

Last night, was my first traditional Korean BBQ. This is unusual since just about everyone else has already had Korean BBQ several times. I am just a late comer to it and I don’t like spending money on slabs of red meat and Soju (this is the Korean version of Vodka), of course if the company wants to pay for it than I happy to accept.

I had lots of red meat and Soju last night. I skipped Karoke though.

The school itself is fairly nice and well run. This is quite a dramatic change from my last teaching gig that everyone already knows about. The Korean kids are all fairly well behaved and get their work done. Recently, I had some kids get up before class for a speaking project and one of them sang an impromptu song. It was nerdy and funny.

I am still not completely settled into my apartment, but it is a nice studio that is divided by sliding doors. I have to get a desk and a bed, but am waiting on them until I actually get my contract, which I don’t have, but hope to have at the end of the week.

If I don’t get my contract I go home.

And for those of you who are concerned, I am not getting blown up yet.

  1. Jaret says:

    >I met a kid who left for Korea the same day you did to teach with Aclipse at Chung Dahm. Small world.

  2. Dan says:

    >Where are you? I've been to a few cities in Korea. Hope things work out for you. Keep writing!

  3. Jin-roh says:

    >Jaret, it is a very small world. Chundahm is the same school I work at. Who is it? I have probably met them.

  4. Jaret says:

    >Brian Perez

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