>NanNoWriMo and the Hero’s Journey

Posted: 26/10/2010 in NaNoWriMo

>Here is a quick little blog about for NaNoWriMo. Holy Crap, I can’t believe I need to start next week. Again, this comes from Game Development Essentials: An Introduction.

There is an outline that I think helps augment the Hollywood three-act. It is technically known as the “monomyth” but more commonly referred to as “the Heroes Journey.” Ever seen Star Wars? Read the Hobbit? Yeah, it’s it. Think of those two books and then think of the following. what follows is a very short summary.

1. Exposition the story begins in ordinary, mundane settings. Bilbo Baggins is minding his own businesses at home. Luke Skywalker whines like a bitch about power converters.
2. The Call The hero gets a “call to adventure.” The alternate world, or more magical world, is introduced to the character. The alternate world collides, or interrupts, the mundane world.
3. Refusal The hero first refuses the call. The hero does not want to leave the relative comfort of home. The hero also doubts himself.
4. Information The hero questions his refusal. Another character, such as a wise old man, gives the hero advice relevant to call to adventure.
5. Departure The hero makes a commitment to the call to adventure.
6. Testing The hero faces a series of challenges. This makes up the bulk of the story. Bilbo meets Gollum. Bilbo outwits Gollum
7. Rewards Bilbo gets the ring!
8. Ordeal The hero faces a huge challenge. This is usually when the villain shows his full hand. The deepest fears and the heroes vulnerability are shown here.
9. Resurrection The major enemy, usually a the arch villain, resurfaces briefly. I believe nearly every horror movie uses this. There can also be a trick ending. The battle of five armies at the end of the Hobbit is a “resurrection” in the Hobbit.
10. Return. The end of the story and the denouement. The hero returns to the safety of home. Though obviously, there is always room for a squeal.

Can you think of any movies, stories, videogames etc that follow this pattern?

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