>Thoughts on Burn a Koran Day

Posted: 09/09/2010 in burn koran day, Islam, terry jones

>It has been awhile since someone has come along and embarrassed Christianity. I think the last time it was probably Pat Robertson. This week it is Terry Jones.

Whenever I hear about guy like this, I have to wonder about his background. I have a theory that I constantly looking for: when ministers do things like this they are most likely to be in leaders in independent churches and uneducated. I attempted to test this theory against Terry Jones, but I have been unable access dove world outreach’s site. I looked up articles instead. Most of the articles I have read on Terry Jones mention his previous church in Germany and his hotel management experience. No mention of Colleges or seminaries. I already know his church is independent. While I could be wrong, I suspect that Terry Jones is a quack of a minister.

His church in Germany distanted themselves from him. Their falling out with him can be summed up in one sentence:

The fallout had much to do with Jones’s dictatorial stance towards the church’s beliefs and his desire for fame, according to current members.

Very telling isn’t it? I don’t suppose that a radical, authoritarian, and fringe minister could be doing all this for some attention and notoriety? Nah… that couldn’t be it.

I am a little disappointed that the media describes him as Evangelical. I do not think Terry Jones and his church are part of Evangelicalism. This is because evangelicalism has denounced what his doing. No Evangelical institution I know would even consider doing what he is so stubborn in doing. It is probably not even appropriate to describe Terry Jones as the “fringe of Evangelicalism.” He is off the spectrum completely. I do not speak for evangelicals, but I think many of them feel like I do: this church does not represent my religion. A thousand anathemas on him and his congregation.

Some might say that he is within his rights to do so. The American constitution guarantees his right of religious liberty. This is technically correct. Jones is within the letter of the law, yet he misses the point. The purpose of religious liberty in western democracies in general -and in the United States in particular- is to prevent religious conflict. In our political epoch -which Jones thinks he understands- neither the government nor a private citizen has threat of force or law in support of his religion. All religious groups are free to pursue their own notions of human good. The implied condition is that they do so without antagonizing other religions or sects. The spirit of religious liberty is peaceful coexistence, and this does not seem important to Terry Jones.

I hope, that after the 11th, everything that happens will be quickly forgotten. I hope the church disappears back into obscurity. I hope that serious, loud, letters of condemnation come from major evangelical organizations.

With that, I will close this blog.

  1. Heidi says:

    >"While I could be wrong, I suspect that Terry Jones is a quack of a minister." <—-BWAHAHAHahahahhhahah!I could not agree more on all fronts. Well-said, Joel.

  2. James says:

    >You can't access their site because rackspace took it down for violating the TOS: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/10/09/09/1228231/Rackspace-Shuts-Down-Quran-Burning-Churchs-Sites

  3. Q says:

    >Too bad it's not happening anymore. Now all our entertainment on Saturday is gone…

  4. Steve says:

    >Good thoughts Joel. As for the independency, you are correct. And, as for the education, please follow this link to The Smoking Gun's website where they have obtained a copy of some of his writings in a "rule book" for the church. 'nough said!http://www.thesmokinggun.com/file/dove-church-rulebook

  5. Jin-roh says:

    >Wow. Thanks for the links and information everyone.This dude is a cult leader.I suspected as much, but after reading that horrendous "rule book" and what his church in Germany thought of him, it is hard not to think so.

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