>Anne Rice: I feel free

Posted: 10/08/2010 in anne rice, church, homosexuality

>After a few days of following the recent “scandal” of Anne Rice’s departure from the RCC, I feel like I can comment.

Her interview at CNN revealed a few things beyond what was on her facebook page. A nice article from Crosswalk gave some solid admonishments to react to her as something other than a turncoat.

Anne Rice, as is known to most people by now is frustrated by the anti-gay/feminist/democrat tendencies in Christianity. I think this is pretty common among a lot of Christians. The loudest voices in churches tend to be part of that group, but for every speaker that is vilifying homosexuals, feminists, and liberals that are a likely a dozen Christians who fall into at least one of those three categories. If not, I know that there are many more who are equally annoyed with our approach.

Christians who are thoroughly annoyed with the conservative Christian platform, usually find churches that do not endorse the conservative Christian platform.

Anne Rice sounded rather protestant when she was mentioning that she could not find in scripture a basis for the church’s political platform. Now in fairness to her opposition, I do not think they ever claimed that it ever was. The RCC position on that matter uses scripture and is also guided by reasonable philosophy and tradition. Rice’s detractors, as irritable as they might be, are right to criticize her on this point.

The impression I get from her interview is that Anne Rice is frustated/exhausted, and I can actually sympathize. She’s angry because she is a celebrity Christian and probably getting more chaff than she ever wanted. I suspect that a huge motivating factor is a desire to be left alone and not feel the pressure anymore. I do not think she wants anyone getting in her face(book) when ever she posts an article that advocates for things that are close to her heart. Fame, I think, is a bit of killer when it comes to dissenting with Christian authorities.

As POD once angrily sang:

I can’t do anything right!
You don’t know me. Stay out of my life!
Kick me while I’m down, I don’t want you to.
I can’t be like you.
I don’t want to be like you.

But do watch the video if you care. What is your reaction to Anne Rice?

  1. >I like her. just watching her, I like her and feel for her, that's it's been a rough journey. That's my completely not rational/logical answer based purely on sensing and feeling. 🙂 I also am so glad that she's not giving up on Jesus–I hope that soon, or eventually, she'll be able to again love the church. Because Jesus really loves the bloody, wounded messy church. we love him, we love his wife.I've heard that traditionally in the Catholic tradition, there were a certain number of sorrows/humiliations that Jesus endured. And that the misrepresentation of Jesus by his people is the last humiliation.Finally, a missionary that I deeply respect, that has also been profoundly wounded by the church and Christians, said this– give up your organizations, your mission statements, your theology–but don't give up on each other.As she works through hurt and disillusionment, I hope that true community will come alongside her and love. Love covers over a multitude of sins and binds everything together in perfect unity.oh, and whenever I see your post, I immediately think Eric Clapton (baum baum baum ba baum baum I feel free….). Go and be blessed with this in your head. 🙂

  2. Jin-roh says:

    >You don't have to apologize for your sensing/feeling modus operandi, Stacia. I think Anne Rice is looking for sympathy, after all.

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