>Penulitmate Blog on Graduate School

Posted: 23/04/2010 in graduate school, LMU

>I am about to finish college 2.0, and I am remarkably unstressed. That is, I am unstressed at the moment I am writing this. I could be losing my mind tomorrow. But for now, I’m good.

I am, bluntly put, resigned about academia for the time being. I am not expecting any of my papers to be stellar, propel-you-into-PhD, or present-at-conference quality. The learning curve for my Kierkegaard class and my Aristotle class is simply to high for me to accomplish that. My paper for the Pascal class -which I really hoped to do well in- is going to suffer as a consequence. Yes: all my papers will be of “promising start” quality. They will not be superb quality. They will, however, be finished.

For the remaining weeks I plan to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to my writing of these papers. I find that simply petting my iPod timer to something like ninety minutes at a time, ignoring everything else, and just writing takes away a tremendous amount of stress. I will be getting two to three hours of work done each day. That should give me enough time to get the papers done.

After those are done, I simply have to defend a paper in front of three professors. It will be the paper I wrote for my Aquinas class. You know, that preamble to Open Theism I wrote a year ago. I expect that to go evenly. It will be intimidating for sure, but I do not expect a fail.

In the meantime, I am applying for jobs around Los Angeles, renewing my passport, getting materials ready for my applications to Korea, and looking foreward -with great excitement- to my trip to Portland.

  1. Brannaghwoo says:

    >When are ya going to Portland? You'll have to let me know of any places I *have* to see while up there :}

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