>Some Shirt Ideas! I will love you for you feedback!

Posted: 06/01/2010 in Uncategorized

>Okay, so what if on my “day’s off” I spend a lot of time designing shirts for my Zazzle store. It is probably more profitable than reading Aristotle!

And, at the moment, a whole lot more fun.

But you see, I can’t really do this on my own. I need some feedback. Anyone and everyone who reads this blog, or found it facebook, or trolled the internet, or loves me, offer comments in the blog comments.

There are three designs in this blog. All are current works in progress. The first is a mug, the second is a T-shirt, and the third is also a T-shirt. There are questions for the kind of feedback I need at the bottom of each design. I hope to re-fine them so they are the best they can be.

Here is the first design: A mug.

“Hell is Other People is a famous quote from Sartre. This is a mug for secular existentialists, bitter introverts, and other misanthropes. No questions for this one, as I like the design.

Here is the first shirt, with apologizes (and compliments) to Frank Miller: In one I have cut out some of the white lines for a more “shadowy look” and the other left them there.

Which looks better? Lines cut out for “shadows” or all lines remaining?

My second shirt has a front and a back. The front of the shirt will have the phrase “Christian Hipster” on the front in a pretty font. Which font looks the best?

One of these will be drawn on the back:

This design is surely in process. Which of these options look better? What do you see in it?

So please, in the blog comments tell me what of these designs catches you eye? Which would you wear? Which would put on your mouse pad, coffee mug, or messenger bag?

Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out. It means a lot to the happily unemployeed.

  1. Q says:

    >I personally like the faded white lines for the "Frank Miller" shirt. I actually think you could potentially do two different shirt designs with the last set: one for guys, one for girls. The first font (with the star) would probably look really good for a women's shirt, then you could include the second back design. For guys, use the last font with the first shirt back design. That'd be my suggestion. And, subsequently, those are my two favorites for font design, and I generally like the first shirt back better than the second.

  2. Jin-roh says:

    >Maybe I could do new artwork of at least a girl-specific caption for if I do a "girl hipster" shirt.Can't think of anything right now, except for the potentially demeaning "Date the guy who smokes cloves at your parents' church."

  3. seijitsu says:

    >I think less lines in the B&W shirt looks more professional.I like 6 or 5 for the text, but 1 for a female-only version.I think the guy alone makes a clearer statement than with both people. But if you want to keep the girl in it, I would advise to lengthen her arms. Our elbows bend right below the bust. If you need to raise her a bit to do that without putting part of her arm behind the text, that may be just as well – if she's taller, she'd look more like an adult pastor looking at an adolecent/young adult.

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