>The Single Most Los Angeles Thing I Have Ever Done

Posted: 17/11/2009 in mosiac, Movies

>This saturday, I went and did something that was the most completely “Los Angeles” thing that I have done in my four and half years of living in southern California.

I attended an independent film festival.

The film festival was put on by Mosiac. It was all themed around Erwin’s latest book

. I hadn’t been to such an event since the festival at my undergraduate, and I loved those too.

This event, took place at “the Mayan,” a themed-out downtown club in LA. There was a red carpet. There were people posing behind large frame -a kind of “living artwork”- as per the themes of the festival. There were two guys playing guitar and singing, that way we all knew it was an evangelical thing.

The energy of the place was exciting. I was there with my roommate who is working on the next spider man movie. We got our picture taken on the carpet. I got a nice bottle of “metro water” and drank it without embarrassment. There was popcorn and even Korean Tacos available for purchase. There were a few big wig hollywood people there.

The movies? Well they were all great. My favorite was a short film entitled Marbles with Thoreau. It was simple yet profound. One of those rare movies that is thought provoking in a way that children can understand. It had everything it would need to be a full length film, and it will be.

I left feeling quite happy. It was a great event and I am glad to know my church community there.

I just I hope I haven’t turned into a complete Los Angeles native in doing so.


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