>Thinking about the next step and such

Posted: 13/11/2009 in life

>If there has been a lot on my mind lately, most notably near future plans.

A year ago, I was dead set on getting out of Los Angeles and moving onto to wherever that may be (which means, wherever I could find the right job) afterwards. This is still mostly the plan, but I think now I am much more willing to consider Los Angeles as one of those possible places.

I think generally plans are important to make but they are also important to change should things change, and my experience around Los Angeles has changed a bit. If I stayed here, there are plenty of things worth staying for. For instance, I am enjoying my church a lot. If I wanted to cultivate my aesthetic side in addition to my Christian life, MOSAIC happens to be a great place to do that. Additionally, my younger brother is coming down to Southern California (very likely) in the fall. As is one of my closest friends from undergraduate. I will also have finished my graduate program, and that means I do not have to worry about education harming my financial situation (as it continually does).

In otherwords, if I do leave, I will be a bit reluctant to do so. I think I am open to the possibility of staying. It remains unlikely, but things could change in between now and May.

In other news, I really, really, need a seasonal job for December.

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