>The Preterist Podcast

Posted: 21/10/2009 in eschatology

>I do not believe in dispensationalism.

Some may be shocked that I reject something that is so conservative. Thing is, dispensationalism is not a conservative position. It is fairly liberal position that has only be around since the 1830s, and is only believed by Christians in the United States (not even all of them) and not shared by most Christians throughout the world.

Now, I don’t comment much on eschatology beyond that, mostly because it is far beyond my knowledge. This is frustrating, because I still think it is important.

But where to turn when everyone around me reads Tim Lahaye?

Thankfully, I found Dee Dee Warren’s Preterist pod cast!!

You can listen to the promo here Here it is!

You can find the site here, the Preterist Podcast

For all my Christian Hipsters Homies, sign up and start listening on your iPod today!!

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