>"Will Draw Comics for Food"

Posted: 30/09/2009 in webcomics

>Hello again!

As some of you may remember, I asked for support for my comic back August. I was ecstatic with all the help and support that I got: about fifty people, including some people that heard about the comic via advertising and hearsay, joined the comic’s facebook fan page. People purchased items at the store. Finally, I received nearly twice the hoped for advertising budget via donations. This money was put to good use at both facebook and at topwebcomics.com

And I can’t wait for it grow. Recently, I have submitted some fan art to one of my favorite comics ever. I even finally found (thanks to those of you on tweb) another comic about quarter life Christianity over here! I’ve constructed new banner ads, and updated the comic page. (so I guess I’m not the only “Christian Webcomics” around) Soon there will even be one of those annoying “which _____ character are you?” facebook quizzes floating around!

But I still need support. Here are some ways, for those of you who like the comic and/or like me.

Guest Comics This is by far the most important way that you can help the comic. During December, I usually take a break to queue up the comic and more importantly enjoy advent. My comic is building some momentum, so I hope not to have a huge blank space in the updates. This is why I hope I can get a dozen comics sent in. It’s been done before.

Naturally, anyone who does a guest comic will have a permanent link to anything they want on the page –err within reason. I’m not doing your porn-cam.

I don’t care if you feel like you can’t draw (neither can I), if you don’t think you are funny, or even if you can only do “fan art” instead of a full comic. Just make something fun with my characters as a guest strip. I don’t care if I haven’t met you yet. In fact, it feels great to get fan strips from people I don’t know in real life. Cross-overs with comics are also fun.

Dig it and Stumble it Those of you who are familiar with sites like stumbleupon and digg can plug this blog at those sites. I am sure there are dozens of other sites like this out there. Every bit of exposure helps.

Finally, there is of course this:

Donate as much as you can. I hope for a $250 dollar average from each person donating. No, just kidding. I’ll probably get something like 5-20 from each person. Once again, if you donate $15 or more you will be forever immortalized in the comic as a character in the background. You can check out the facebook group to see who is already there.

This money will go into advertising the comic and towards support the two world vision kids that I support monthly.

Thank you for your support, and as always, thanks for reading.

  1. Stephanie says:

    >Yay! I also support a WV kid, so I'm so on board here. However, I haven't the slightest idea how to create a webcomic, I don't really know what you were talking about with digg and all that, and I am currently dodging calls from collectors. Perhaps if you could explain the second one a bit more, I would love to support you in any way I can (you know that already..)

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