>More Strange Sights and Sounds…

Posted: 23/09/2009 in life

>Though not necessarily all at the beach towns, here are some more visual phenomena of the last few weeks of note.

A huge guy and small lady dancing While blues dancing a few weeks ago, I saw the (ironically) one black guy in the room dancing with a petite Chinese woman. He actually had her doing some kind of hand-stand type deal. It was like a swing aerial in slow motion.

Crazy nutball doing Tai-chi one evening on Santa Monica blvd. It was late at night and I watched him with a friend from across the street. Both of us contemplated what it might mean for society to have to deal with a crazy guy like that. What does society owe to those who are… well nuts?

A Homeless Guy Outside of Ralph’s who looked up hopefully at me and asked for change. He said he would work for it by helping me carry my groceries to my car. I was impressed. I let him do so and gave him a little bit of change from my car.

An LMU student wearing a “Republican” shirt. It had the republican logo with a bunch of dollar bills spilling out of its nose. The caption said “Republicans have more money” this is probably true, damn blatant, and funny.

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