>Confessing before God, and to you my Brothers and Sisters.

Posted: 19/09/2009 in Uncategorized

>While reading blogs today, I stumbled upon a fascinating site. The site is entied Permission to Speak Freely. Apparently, it started back in 2008 when blogger Anne Jackson asked the question: what is one thing you cannot say in church?

It has since turned into a ongoing, online, project in which people will anonymously or publically submit a confession of things they feel they cannot say in church. Many of these are quite enlightening.

Allowing someone to confess is like allowing them to breathe. Guaranteeing grace is what allows someone to become good.

It’s a great project.

  1. Anne Jackson says:

    >thanks for your thoughts and the link…hopefully we can see how "in this" together that we all are 🙂

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