>Strange Sights and Sounds of the Beach Towns

Posted: 12/08/2009 in life

>If this really is my last year in California, I do not think I could spend it in a better place.

I live just North of Loyola Marymount now. I no longer will be living on Campus, which is really an “about time” type of change for me. I live right on the corner of highway 1 and am but a few blocks from the beaches. I’m twenty minutes from Venice beach, which is a boardwallk with quite a bit of character to it. Here are some of the things I’ve seen in the last few days.

An elderly, unemployed, black man who was holding a sign which read “American Citizen: Hire me first” outside of the Home Depot. He held his head high and proudly on the street corner in the sun. The Mexican day laborer where several paces behind him. It is not uncommon to hear of the Church speak of sympathizing with the most alien in your society. Strangely, I was not sure who was really the alien in this scenario: is it those who leave their country to look for work in a foreign one, or is the man who sees so many foreigners he feels alienated in the country of his birth? This is a question well worth pondering.

Some homeless guy in a conversation with a hot twenty something on the Venice Beach boardwalk. Normally, a homeless dude is not the kind of guy you imagine in conversations with really hot twenty somethings in summer clothes. Yet strangely, that is exactly what was happening. She did not seem put off by his presence as they walked down the boardwalk, and was actually responding to what he was saying. I guess there’s hope for everybody.

A weathered, but energetic, college kid just trying to get home. He wore a military surplus backpack which undoubtedly held all his current possessions. He was standing at the stop sign where the 90 intersects with highway 1. He looked dirty and had probably slept in the streets. I asked him way he was asking for money. He explained that he came down to San Diego for party, where his wallet was stolen. Now, he was just trying to get back to San Francisco for school. I gave him a few dollars and wished him good luck.

That’s about it for now. I’m sure there has been more, but if I have strain my brain to remember, it must not have been that interesting. At this point, the most interesting thing that I could say is paper work telling me I’m hired.

  1. >It's funny, I just finished a post about SoCal, too, and part of it included the wonderful oddities of Venice Beach. 🙂 Ah, SoCal.

  2. >Nice images.Sometimes it is good to view and concentrate on life as if it is a picture book.

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