>An open letter for supporting my comic

Posted: 10/08/2009 in webcomics

>*edited to add “Character’s Page” link now fixed*

As I call many of you my friends, I know that many of you have enjoyed my comic. This makes me happy. It has been comments like, “I would make Love to the Uberbean” that have really motivated me to come back with this story. Which returns … well … now.

To get ready for the comeback, I made significant changes. The website is much improved now with both a “characters” page and a “support” page. The original “first strips” I have decided are no longer canon for the comic. If click the “first” button, you will find that it takes you to a storyline much later in the comic’s development and much improved in the artwork. Regarding the artwork, the new comics that are uploaded and ready to go all contain a standard sized box ratio. I did this in hopes of publishing it as a book someday.

The next story is deeply involved and very serious; I intentionally invoked both “Lost” and “Watchmen” as influences for the arc of the story as well as a bit of artwork. It will last six weeks and is my longest story yet. The main character is, Andy –the slightly disappointed pastor’s kid. I am fairly certain that the Uber bean is the only comic on the web that deals with quarter life Christianity.
The short strips that come afterwards are back to humor. The Halloween story I am working on right now will also have humor in it. So don’t worry, the comic will still be funny.

In order to promote this comic, I fully intend to buy advertising space. The first place I intend to buy is at my old favorite and inspiration real life. The smallest set of impressions costs 50 dollars. Yet still this is not money that I have at the moment. This is why I am requesting support.

Anyone who helps me reach the goal of fifty dollars will be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, I will offer a black and white “preview” of the story to anyone who donates at least $3 to the cause. Finally, people who would like to see their likeness in later strips can donate $15. This donation drive will go until the end of the month.

Thank you for the support. And be sure to check out the character page to learn more about the comic.

  1. James says:

    >Having watchmen as part of the inspiration for your storyline is fine as long as there is no blue wang. Thanks in advance.

  2. Biomusician says:

    >I am glad that the UB is returning.Also, "the Character Page" link is broken.

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