>Things that are trying to steal my time.

Posted: 16/07/2009 in Uncategorized

>Because I am not as a consistent blogger or a consistent much of anything, I thought I should publicly list the things that are trying to sabotage my time. It is a bit sad, but I promise I am not a loser. šŸ™‚

Super News. Thanks to one of my dear friends, I have now found one of the most accurate sketch comedy shows about life as a twenty-something urbanite. It is one of those internet shows that is funnier than what is normally on TV. Speaking of TV….

Netflix. Yay Netflix!! Now I don’t have to organize my time by going to a video store. Since I refuse to pay/care for cable, I can spend about fourteen dollars a month and have movies come to my mailbox so I feel special. I have watched two anime serieses and a bunch of movies I never saw in theaters. Thank you Netflix, for cutting into my reading and writing time.

The Onion Thank you the Onion! You never fail to make me smile. It would be wiser to read real news on any other website, but the humorous take on fake events distracts me from stressing about the real world. Without this website’s clever antics, much more of humanity would have left examining issues of world and considering serious, informed, opinions.

Now, I suppose I should write down a few things I should be doing. How about writing a new blog based on monastic spirituality? Or that other philosophy of science issue I never wrote on? Or working on the next plot for my webcomic?

Oh yeah, I did finish and upload that long story. It updates August 10th!!

  1. D2M says:

    >I love Netflix too! I can't wait to get back to the States so I can get my movies in 2 days instead of a week and a half right now. (I live overseas so it takes a while!)Do you watch some of the movies through them online? They have a weird collection of "instant" view movies and TV series.

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