>Webcomics I like

Posted: 12/06/2009 in webcomics

>This is one of the more random blog entries I’ve ever done. But I thought that I’d post this. I love webcomics. They’re fun. I don’t even read regular newspaper comics anymore. I haven’t in years in fact. Here’s a list of comics that I like.

Manatheater – Don’t bother looking for it. This comic is dead. The web site that formally housed it isn’t even up anymore. Nonetheless, clever flash comics based on Secret of Mana was very successful in its prime. It is a shame it never finished. Yet, I do understand that authors, and thus their webcomics, move on in life!

Real Life – I have read this one since about 2001 when I was working at internet tech support job. This comic helped inspire my own. The flux of this comic reflects the flux of the real life of its author. I don’t read it regularly anymore, but it is still amusing when I do.

Sharper – this is another dead comic. I first found out about it a few years ago. It is a creative film noir type comic. The first story was good, unexpected, and sad. I miss seeing it update, but I suppose its author has a life to attend to as well.

Goblins: life through their eyes – What happens when a long time dungeon master transcends nerdom and becomes a good storyteller? You get something like this comic! This comic is full of comedy as well as serious drama. The idea of the story is what is life like for all the goblins and other “XP fodder” creatures in a RPG world? A few decide to become adventurers. I have been amazed again and again at this comic. It in fact, warrants a full review another time. For now, take a few clickings and check it out.

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