>LMU Year 1, wrapping up.

Posted: 21/04/2009 in LMU

>My first year at LMU is wrapping nicely. I am working on my two papers for this semester. I have completed most of the mental work that goes into them, and now just have to diligently write each day. Both papers present challenges, but I am glad that I only have two classes this semester. In one paper, I contend that the animal liberationists do not give good enough reason to give up on animal testing for medicine. In another, I must show that one of the greatest philosopher/theologians in history was wrong about something. I can’t tell you how much I love that challenge.

By the first week of next month, I will be exactly halfway done with my graduate program. I will have completed five classes, and will have five to go. If I complete the class on Augustine this coming summer, I will be ready to have two more “easy” semesters of two classes each instead of three in the first, two in the second. That is a very good thing to look forward to. Though I constantly question the utility of my graduate degree, it is good to know that “the end” is within my grasp.

My summer has a few plans, but one thing is up in the air. As many of you know, I have no idea where I will be living. In a way, this might be a good thing. It might give me an excuse to get out of California for a summer. I am not particularly happy living in Los Angeles. Just about anywhere else will be cheaper (even, God forbid, moving home again), and I do not have a job here that I couldn’t easily find somewhere else. Some place where I can get around easier, meet more granola people, and is perhaps cooler would be nice.

On the other hand I would like to stay in the general “area” for a couple of reasons. One, is that I am trying to get plugged into Mosiac West LA out here. Most of you know me are justifiably surprised by this. However, a significant amount of spiritual reflection, prayer, and conversations with my peers have made me confident that this is a good place for me to sojourn. Basically, I need to serve a church again in some capacity, and Mosaic is the best opportunity given my talents and training. Also, that Augustine class is something I don’t want to miss either. What happens if my next job is teaching at Christian/Catholic high school? Surely, knowing the background of a great Saint will be important.

Although I do not know exactly where I will be for the summer, I do know how I will decide it. Wherever I will be and whatever I will do this summer will be whatever is the most cost effective. Unfortunately, neither the Augustine class nor Mosiac is worth taking out loans to live. In fact, I really want to minimize “rent” expenses. Whatever happens, will be decided by what job I have in the next couple of weeks.

That’s the update on my life. Thanks for reading

  1. Heidi says:

    >Congratulations on being halfway done, Joel! I’m sure God has everything already worked out for the summer.

  2. Jin-roh says:

    >Oh no!! But, heidi, I’m an OPEN THEIST!!! hehe j/k thank you for your vote of confidence.

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