>Rick Warren Good Doublespeak?

Posted: 09/04/2009 in homosexuality, prop 8, Rick Warren

>As many of you know, Rick Warren recently denied, on Larry King, that he ever supported California’s prop 8. Yet it is quite obvious that he did when he, was very clear about it that he did. You can read a whole article about it here*

His denial very much bothered me. He seemed to be back-pedaling from a corner he stuffed himself into. He wants away from the gay issue now (not on his “agenda”), which one can completely empathize with, but still a lie is a lie. I can understand him if he wishes to recant some statements, re-think some actions and opinions, or apologize to those he may have offended. This isn’t it though. He seems to by lying and trying to play politics in order to appease the masses.

Some have suggested a nice, charitable reading of this action: maybe Rick Warren forgot what he said. This seems unlikely. Churches run like companies, and Warren is the CEO. The issue of gay marriage probably came up many, many, times in meetings. He and others likely spent either a long time discussing this issue. The prop 8 question could not have escaped Saddleback church. How likely is it that he could ‘forget’ what he communicated to his congregation on this incredibly hot issue, which was campaigned for and debated about for months?

Maybe by never making a public statement, Warren had something in mind like a press conference or some kind of “on the official record” court testimony. However, but a pastor of his influence should understand that he is under public scrutiny, whether by pulpit or press conference. These days, youtube is enough to make anyone eat their words.

Of course, I have never been a fan of Rick Warren. Neither do I count myself as one of his detractors, but if he continues to pull dishonest, insincere, political double talk, I believe that he will find himself disliked by the sides he tries to appease.
*thanks, Allison

  1. Q says:

    >Yeah, I saw someone else post the article too, and I was pretty much disgusted. If you’re going to make public statements about something, even if it’s extremely unpopular, stick by them. If you feel you were wrong or that you said something offensive, then own whatever it was and apologize. Don’t pull stupid bullshit like this.Not to mention that Rick Warren is such a huge figure for Christianity that it just gives more ammunition against Christians that we’re insincere and devious. Ugh. Stupid people make me mad.

  2. Jonathan says:

    >Christianity Today asks Rick Warren about this.

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