>Perhaps the Star Wars prequels have brought me some joy (indirectly)

Posted: 06/02/2009 in Confused Matthew, Star Wars

>This is very dead horse that I am beating, but it was revived on Theologyweb and thus is being revived here.

I have met very few people who have defended the Star Wars prequels as good movies. I have heard very few people even defend them as okay movies. My inner child cried after the first, I had guarded hopes against the second, and I greatly enjoyed the third. However, I enjoyed the third simply because I wanted to get together with a bunch of work friends, go see this final travesty, and laugh at with all the other nerds in the theater. In other words, my expectations shifted from a great story to enjoy to an incompletely written hack film to laugh at.

Is this the only way to enjoy these movies? As a good chunk of humorous criticism fodder? Consider Confused Matthew at You Tube. I think I enjoyed the 90 minutes of him thrashing the prequels with witty, eviscerating, remarks than I did any of the actual movies. Maybe this is the only way to enjoy them.

Either way, I need not pollute the internet further with Star Wars rants. However, Confused Matthew is really, really, funny. It is worth a watch.

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