>Wherein Jin-Roh Continues His Quest for Meaningful Employment (and also gets paid)

Posted: 23/01/2009 in Uncategorized

>The last few years have felt like a non-stop job search for me. That’s okay. I’m used to it at this point. One search most recently perked my attention. I sent in an application for and interviewed for something I haven’t done before, but looks like it might be fun –or tragic.

Can anyone out there imagine me as a political canvasser for Green Energy?

A simple examination of the pros and cons is needed. First, I do like the idea of green energy. I have thought for years that the answer to our energy problems is not a short-sighted “plunder Alaska for more oil” solution. I would love to see us economically apathetic to middle east. I think the oil companies need some competition that way we can get to a less monopolized market (free market good!). I also like the idea of renewable energy, for reasons that should be obvious.

There are lot of things I could gain out of this job. The job would look killer on any future resume as well as expand my people skills. Also, I feel I come from a fairly “green” background, and will likely get along with the other people working there. Finally, I am taking a class on “environmental philosophy” which is basically an environmental ethics class. Such a connection between work and school seems very providential.

Yet at the same time I am little apprehensive of jumping on board with this group. The office is big into “progressive” causes. Although the office I would work for does the green energy campaign, they also have offices for LGBT causes. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I did not take a side on prop 8. It is not that I hate gay people, but this is not an issue that I am passionate about and consequently I side with neither side. Because of this nation’s excessive partisanship, I fear that it will be assumed that because I care about green energy, I must also support LGBT lobby. Additionally, I should also be pro-choice, anti-gun, and think that welfare is awesome. It could be that I am the one doing the pre-judging here. It could also be that I am simply thinking too hard. Still though, as much as I am not a Republican I am not a Democrat either.

Additionally, I know that a job like this will take a lot of energy. Right now, I am working at a coffee shop. The work is convenient and predictable, and over all low key. This canvassing job is going to take the same kind of energy as direct selling. Maybe it is not so wise.

So there it is. There are my thoughts on this crazy job that might be awesome, or might be terrible.

So what do you think, friends?

  1. Heidi says:

    >Joel, I think the most important issue is whether or not you want to put the energy into this job while you’re doing graduate school. I would think not, but I don’t know. That’s your call. Everything else seems secondary to that. Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Christopher says:

    >I agree with Heidi. For me, direct sales is excessively draining. There’s no way I could do grad school (especially your program) while doing that. I’d recommend against it for your sake. But I’m definitely in the same boat re: jobs. Good luck with your searching!

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