>Thinking about the Uberbean, for the first time in a long Time.

Posted: 07/01/2009 in webcomics

>All I have to say right now, is that it is great to have my mind on something fun. Yes, I’ve done some haphazard brainstorming for the possible return of my comic in about six months. I hope that all of you reading this will give me some feed back on my possible story arcs and such. For those of you who do not know my comic, it can be found here

Here are few things I’ve come up with.
Short Ideas that can be one shots or can be expanded
-Ian discovers that drinking significant amounts of Jager is the only way to understand Foucalt.
-The four guys realize that they never have had a shirtless bonding time. They create such an occasion.
-Employees at the Coffee shop start coming up with clever nicknames for the drinks the anorexic girls order. “skinny bitch latte” or “starving ghandi iced tea.”

Longer Story Arcs?
-Mark Guyer finally sets up Mark Collins on a date with another girl. Mark Collins does not realize that this is a date, and the event will likely involve some shanghaiing. Mark Collins and Becca remain naturally star-crossed. How might a inexplicably shy guy get lovingly shanghaied by his best friend?

-Either Becca or Jenny will develop a relationship with a guy by the name of Peter Knack. The relationship is odd at first (first boyfriend for either?), and becomes increasingly awkward. Turns out that Peter Knack is still primarily interested in videogames and such. He does stuff like forgetting his girlfriend’s birthday because he has to raid with his guild, grind to level 80, farm blindweed etc. Eventually Becca/Jenny dumps him explaining, “you don’t want a girlfriend right now, so why am I here?” Ian, Andy, and possibly the Marks play some kind supportive role. Later they discuss whether they are justified in feeling just a little bit of animosity towards Peter. Which girl is the better candidate for such a relationship?

-Mark Guyer creates a new product to sell to all kinds of College students; a device that will let you meet yourself five years from now. The characters try it out. Future Andy is married, but refuses to tell present Andy when/who/how etc. Future Ian is half way done with a three year PhD, but is taking a break. Future Mark Collins finally got his shit together, finished college, and is working as a programmer somewhere. Dare I say, San Deigo? Becca and Jenny meet their future selves as well. Mark Guyer, upon finally meeting his future self, destroys the machine entirely. He refuses to tell anyone what happened when he met his future self. Where should the girls be in five years?

Possible Major Changes?
-Mark Collins gets his shit together. After working an thoroughly unsatisfying job with megatech computers, Mark finally decides to get his C.S. Degree. He begins embarking on such a journey. What about working at a story like CompUSA or Best Buy for several years would make someone realize “Shit dude, my life is totally not going anywhere…”?

-Mark Guyer also decides to change job from the computer sales floor. This is likely forced by some external circumstance, since Mark Guyer has no actual ambition although he has great ability. He begins working for Kutless Kitchen Kutlery, a direct marketing job that is no way like Cutco. He dominates, advances, but later does something completely stupid and that makes him leave either of his own accord or because he’s fired.

-Andy gets a girlfriend.

-Jenny, the Missionary kid from Taiwanland, extroverted girl and vocal performance major, gets further developed. She becomes a more essential part of the cast.

other back up characters get introduced?

-Manny (Immanuel) The Nihilist. A deep thinking nineteen year old who insists that he is not just an adolescent emo kid who needs to grow up. He is a village atheist who frequents the uber bean coffee shop and tries to get into debates with the evangelicals there.

-Yolonda, Andy’s ex-girlfriend, finally comes to Trinity Pacific University. She’s only been baptized in the holy spirit for a year now.

So you there you have it. My rough sketch of could be the uberbean in 2009. Please! Give me some feedback and let me know what you think.

  1. Adam Goyer says:

    >Has potential, but I’m still early in the series. Why not?

  2. alexan says:

    >So I tried to comment on this the other day, and apparently I forgot my OpenID password, which resulted in me losing my comment when I couldn’t authenticate. Sad day.I like the Jager idea. Someone could comment to him that they can’t drink Jager anymore after a bad experience with Jager bombs. Caffeine+alcohol in large quantities = bad news.You should put some kind of reference in to the Bad Idea Bears at some point. Just because.Collins could suddenly realize his boss, who’s several years older, is a total loser, and that he’s headed in the same direction. The boss could be a foil for Future Mark if you do the What-If Machine story.I also like the ‘Yo Yo Comes to LA LA Land’ idea.I’m excited for more Uberness. And you’ve reminded me I need to work on my comic.

  3. Jin-roh says:

    >hmmm…Yolonda comes to TPU and firmly explains to Andy that she, “here for SCHOOL, not for you” in subconsious attempt to play hard-to-get. She is then pissed off when he shows no interest in her.

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