>Beezlethrax the Alien Anthropologist explains his method.

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>The following transmission was picked up by my tin foil helmet, and translated with the Babelfish I have stuck in my ear.

To his most illustrious Sentor Garakron, Doctor Pompilom and the rest of the xeno-anthropology institute.

I have landed on the planet “Earth” and have meet with the other researchers stationed here. Again, I am honored for the assignment to research the Oo-man religions. It is in this first transmission that I must again explain my method and rubic for interpreting Oo-man religions. Such research must be done carefully, for it is true that the Oo-mans do not know of the Great A’tuin –the Turtle who moves the world.

Preliminary Difficulties
The greatest challenge to our understanding of Oo-man religions is our lack of complete understanding of Oo-man language. As was shown by Doctor Storlerut and Kogazon, the Oo-man language does not follow a set of univocal characters. Simply put, what is written does not always match what is said. For instance, the character “T” is pronounced one way in words like “title” and “letter” but completely different in words like “action” and “relaxation.” The character “R” is equally difficult as it alternates between one pronunciation and another that it shares with “L” (“flied lice” or “fried rice”?). The letter “G” can sound one way in the word “go” or “ghost,” but takes the form common to “f” in the word “cough.” Finally, there are characters that seem to mean nothing at all. Such as “h” in the word “hermana.” Truly, my research is limited until a deeper understanding of the Oo-man language is understood.

Clergy and Laity
I will first watch for interaction between the Clergy and the Laity. The Clergy are, of course, those primarily responsible for leading the time of worship, interpreting holy signs and visions. I will observe any particular vestments or items that the Oo-mans use themselves to denote clergy. Additionally, it is assumed that there is a leader of Clergy “the High Preist” and many lower standing Clergy, the Acolytes.

The laity are those who do not enter the altar areas (see below) and sit before the Clergy. They too, will participate in the rituals. I use the terms “laity,” “congregants” and even “audience” interchangeably.

Temples and Rituals
I will use the word “temple” to generically describe any building in which the Oo-mans gather to worship on their holy days. All temples have an “Altar Space” which is an area is consider holy in which sacred items are held, and from where the clergy (see above) do their respective rituals. The Altar Space is necessarily removed from the laity or “congregants.” Many symbols are expected at the Altar spaces, just as we have the glorious shell of the Great A’tuin within our churches.
Inside the temple, I will pay close attention to all rituals. For instance, when do the congregants stand, sit, or kneel? What other motions might show devotion to their deities? In what order to does the clergy perform certain rituals? What do they draw the focus of the congregants towards? Etc etc. My theories will depend almost entirely on these rituals since the Oo-man language remains a puzzle to us.

Formations of Explanatory theories
After observing the temples, the clergy/laity, and especially the rituals I will attempt to answer three questions: 1) What/Who is revered in this religion? 2) How are the messages from the divine assembly communicated to laity and the clergy? 3) How does this group differentiate itself from other groups?

Thus ends my brief explanation of my rubic of research. My first two temples shall be one these two (please note, these are written the Oo-man script)”: “Mosiac: West LA” or another much larger temple “The Los Angeles Cathedral.”

  1. Horizon says:

    >Oh, this ought to be fun 😀

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