>How I voted this morning.

Posted: 04/11/2008 in Uncategorized

>Only moments ago, I walked across the Hannon lawn, into the burns recreation center, and voted. I passed an old dude who complimented my “I like Ike” shirt. He laughed when I announced my presidential choice.

Here’s how I voted.
President: Dwight Eisenhower – Yes, I prefer voting for a good dead guy than either of the two candidates. As I write this, I should have placed Ron Paul as his vice president.

Prop 1A: Very Yes – Good high speed transportation is direly needed in this state. Can we also vote on getting the Japanese to make it instead of Cal-Trans?

Prop 2: No! – If I must choose between supporting farmers in the central wasteland, and the groups in Los Angeles and the Bay area who have no idea where food comes from, I choose to support the farmers.

Prop 4: No – Do I think that parents should be involved in the lives of minors? Yes, but maybe this should happen before they pregnant. I am giving the minor the benefit of a doubt that if her parent’s don’t know, she probably has some good reason. Not that I like abortion anyway. Prop 4 reflects something very ugly, but a “yes” vote can’t change that.

  1. Q says:

    >I love how politically opposite we are. With the exception of Prop 1A, which I’m very excited about and certainly hope passes. Man, I think I’m getting dangerously close to become a liberal. … No, wait, I still voted for mostly Republicans and took a conservative stance on most of the social issues. So I’m just a wacko with no strong socially-defined political leanings.

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