>My Halloween weekend, and how I’m paying for it.

Posted: 03/11/2008 in life

I had an amazingly good, Halloween weekend.

Halloween itself was spent down in San Diego. I was dressed up as Dr. Zoidberg. The costume was 100% mom manufactured. I went to Dave and Buster’s with my circle of friends there. The evening was nearly sullied by the fact that Dave and Buster’s is discriminatory against alien crustaceans, and they forced me leave my mask in the car. Despite that inequality, I still had fun. I talked to random SDSU students and enjoyed good times for Deb-deb’s birthday. I also discovered that I stir drinks erotically. Yellow fever.

Saturday was spent recovering at the San Diego hotel. I ate breakfast with good people and then headed home. After dropping off Kelly in Long Beach, I headed up to Glenduzaovina and visited a few others. I witnessed only the aftermath of Allison’s Halloween party, but it looked like they had a good time. Laurel was in town. Laurel and I drank frothy brews in Glendora. I learned much about myself through that conversation –such as the fact that I don’t like Alaskan Amber.

Sunday I went to Mosiac again. I seem stuck at that church for some reason. Then I helped my younger sister moved a bit. Finally, I spent time with Adam and a few Fuller students in Glendale. It was a great dinner! I had actually forgotten to eat most of the day, so it was tasty. This followed by a good, and “spirited” conversation on Christianity and Politics. I’m still voting for Dwight!

Now you will notice I did not type about how much reading and writing I got done this weekend. That’s because I didn’t do much at all. This is how I’m paying for the weekend. Oh God…I dread that Lonergan class…

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