>Loyola Marymount so Far

Posted: 08/10/2008 in college, graduate school, LMU, los angeles

>Loyola Marymount so Far
It should be known to all by now that I live in West Los Angeles and I attend Loyola Marymount University for graduate work.
I am still doing graduate school, despite all the second guessing I’ve had about the subject. I had to turn down two good job offers in order to take out more loans to get a degree that won’t pay for itself. I am also forgoing the opportunity to travel abroad, which is something I still wish to do. I am not in a position to save as much money as I would like to, which is very bad for the time being.
Still, I like LMU. I enjoy academic life enough that I can stick with it. I remember when I attended a class last year (before I decided to go through with it), I felt that I was “home.” I feel utterly comfortable and in the right place when I sit in classes here. Even when the reading gets boring, I enjoy the overall process. I still love studying Latin and brainstorming paper ideas.
I also like the other students I am around. Philosophy students know how to party. We had a party a few nights ago, and we sat around talking. I had two beers! Isn’t it crazy?! Seriously though, it’s great to be around people and talk about literature, the problem of evil, traveling to Germany, etc.
Of course, when Philosophy students do get boring, I have many of my film students. They play beer pong. I also performed a guitar piece for them. I even got to help out in one of the movies. It’s a great serious drama about a student who chases down the tooth-fairy for her money.
Yeah, so that’s Grad school so far. Now will the powers that be PLEASE post this so they know this is not a spam blog?

  1. Adam Goyer says:

    >Joel, you have 1 post, how did you get pegged as a spammer, lol.

  2. Q says:

    >Yeah, this is weird. Oh well, hopefully it will get settled. Looking forward to keeping up with your updates.

  3. Heidi says:

    >heehee…Joel, I’m going to link to your blog on our blog, ok? Just cuz you’re so awesome.

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